What's Hot: Breakfast Bars for Meetings and Conferences

Breakfast BarBreakfast can be one of the most mundane meals of the conference or meeting menu. It doesn't have to be that way.

I have visited a number of resorts and hotels that have taken some impressive steps to kick things up a notch for the first meal of the day. I am one of those people who usually skips breakfast and even I was blown away by some of the menu options and presentations.

Breakfast bars are much more than an elevated buffet. They can transform breakfast into one of the most memorable meals of the day. Here is how.

  1. Take it outdoors.
    Serve breakfast on a terrace, in poolside cabanas, in a garden or gazebo, overlooking a lake or beside a waterfall or river.
  2. Eye OpenersPresent breakfast in a unique setting such as a bar in a nightclub, beside a fireplace, on wicker furniture or on a stone surface.
  3. Open with an eye opener.
    There is nothing like champagne to elevate a glass of fresh orange juice.
  4. Use a variety of breads and present them beautifully.
    Include croissants, pain au chocolat, baguettes, pita bread, Nan, German bread, small rolls. The more the merrier.
  5. Make breakfast interactive by inviting guests to serve themselves.
  6. Breakfast bar - YogurtRemember, presentation counts at breakfast too.
    by careful attention to menu choices and presentation, breakfast can be pleasing to the eye and the palette.

    Manoir Saint-Sauveur recently demonstrated this at a breakfast they hosted.
    • Create an inviting display by using a variety of eye-popping colors.
    • Use "small bites" and portion sizes so that guests can sample a variety of dishes.
    • Serve breakfast menu items in unexpected crystal glasses and china dishes. For example, serve smoothies in shot glasses and fresh berries or yogurt and granola in wine glasses.
  7. Fruit Salad BarAdd a fruit salad bar.
    Hotel Quintessence in Mont Tremblant recently demonstrated how much fun guests could have with healthy menu options.
  8. Add a crepe station and invite guests to build their own crepes.
    Offer a variety of fillings including meat, cheese and fruit.
  9. Spice things up with multi-cultural stations.
    For example, you could serve ackee and salt fish at a Jamaican station or miso soup, fish, nori (dried seaweed), yogurt and tofu at a Japanese station.

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Photo Credits: Corporate Event Planning, Executive Oasis International

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