7 Social Media Take-aways from 4 Celebrity Event Planners

David TuteraIt's not surprising that celebrity event professionals and event designers who have moved into the upper echelons of the industry are also social media mavens.

Today, we feature lessons for building a powerful social media presence from 4 celebrity event industry professionals who rock social media.

1. David Tutera @DavidTutera 134,000 Followers

David Tutera regularly tweets examples of his work and specials for his wedding fashion line. On The David Tutera Facebook page with 338,352 likes,  David shares information about his guest appearances, candid shots as he works and moves about town; and stunning catering, decor and fashions from his events and weddings.

David Tutera's 110,321 Instagram followers are regularly treated to photos showcasing his work and personal branding.

Preston Bailey2. Preston Bailey @prestonrbailey  42,500 Followers

A globally renowned event designer, Preston Bailey use of Facebook, Twitter, and his blog is highly interactive.

For example, a popular feature is his 2 treatments for an upcoming client event. Preston invites Facebook fans and Twitter followers to weigh in on which treatment they prefer before he shares his final design. This strategy keeps Facebook fans actively engaged, while showcasing his work.

As his way of giving back, Preston has also posted a Facebook invitation to profile other event planners on his blog.

Preston Bailey's Instagram with 18,720 followers is filled with vivid images of decor and Preston at work.

On Google+, Preston shares event planning and decor tips and links to inspiring blog posts.

On YouTube, Preston shares event design perspectives, broadcasts The Preston Bailey Touch, promotes his floral design course, and shares his media interviews.

3. Andrea Correale, Elegant Affairs @andreacorreale 32,800 Followers

This celebrity caterer and event designer tweets recipes, menu ideas, catering tips, and examples of events she has planned and catered. The Official Andrea Correale Facebook page, with 1,146 likes, features stunning photos of her culinary creations.

By contrast, the Elegant Affairs YouTube channel focuses on interviews, tips, testimonials, and work examples. The Elegant Affairs Pinterest showcases captivating decor, event and culinary photos.

4. Cheryl Cecchetto, Sequoia Productions

Sequoia Productions' blog Ask the Experts cross-channel feature invites readers to submit questions that are answered on Facebook and YouTube. The tweetstream is highly visual with videos and photos, some enhanced by Vine.

The Sequoia Events Pinterest has 5 boards, each showcasing a different aspect of the service portfolio with spectacular images.

The engaging videos on the Sequoia Productions YouTube Channel showcase client events with a range of video styles including time lapses. Here is their most recent example from the 66th Emmy Awards Governors Ball.

Key Take-aways

  1. Don't  use a one size fits all approach to social media. Post stunning photos on Facebook. Tweet with links to content rich blogs and articles with solid tips. Share videos of client events and interviews that establish you as an expert on YouTube. Include high impact videos with special effects like time lapses. These are more likely to go viral. All of the celebrity planners have an active Pinterest or Instagram account. You need to be there too.
  2. Avoid the hard sell but don't be afraid to toot your own horn. The most successful event industry professionals regularly showcase current projects on social media and they aren't shy about doing it. 
  3. Share content regularly across all channels. It is the consistency of engagement that builds a following and a fan base.
  4. Use multiple social media channels. For sure use Facebook (if you can "pay to play"), Twitter and LinkedIn but don't neglect the visual engagement of Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, and YouTube.
  5. Keep messaging and content laser beam focused on your core services and avoid extraneous or "off-topic" clutter.
  6. Let your personality shine through. It's part of your brand. Almost all of these successful event planners have a strong personal presence consistent with their company branding.
  7. Be there! If industry professionals at the pinnacle or the field find it important to show up consistently on social media, you should too.

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Photo Credit: Maria Strong, John Labbe

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