Preparing CEOs & Other Executives for Meeting Presentations

Preparing for Executive Presentations.

Executive presentations are pivotal parts of business meetings, internal conferences and team building session. There is no one better than the CEO or other senior member of the executive team to share the vision, set the stage and communicate clearly how content dovetails with an organization's goals and objectives.

Even if the President or CEO is not naturally a compelling speaker, the good news is that, with the right coaching, everyone can improve presentation and speaking skills. Before I set up my own business, I gave presentations skills workshops to several hundred executives and managers. Without exception, I have never encountered anyone who didn't improve significantly with a few simple tips and exercises and, most of all, practice.

There are coaches who specialize in helping executives improve their effectiveness in making presentations and in dealing with the media. I remember one success story in which a CEO received coaching for presentations and an internal video from a duo who specialized in working with actors and executives. He was such an effective presenter that the marketing department used him for a series of highly effective TV commercials. He was in high demand for media appearances throughout the rest of his career.

While there is no guarantee that every CEO will become a star, good coaches will play to an executive's strengths and help him or her shine.


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