Challenges & Solutions for Women Professionals: 8-Piece Travel Wardrobe Saves Space

Business SuitWith more airlines introducing luggage restrictions, it can challenging for women to pull together a travel wardrobe that is versatile enough for corporate events, conferences, trade shows, and receptions. The key is to have pieces that can be easily interchanged for transition from day to evening events.

Begin with a consistent color scheme and with just 8 simple pieces, it is possible to create enough looks to cover 2 - 3 days of events.

Dresses are the most versatile garments that can be scaled up or down for a variety of events depending on depending on the events.

  1. A 2 - 3 tone dress with a simple cut
  2. A tailored jacket or blazer
  3. A shrug or shawl  that picks up the brightest color of the dress.

Laura Ashley DressBlack Jacket

When paired with the jacket, the dress can create a polished and professional look for meetings. With a shrug, shawl or pashmina in the most colorful shade of the dress, it can transition to a more formal look for evening receptions, dinners and parties.

Invest in a versatile business suit with 3 components:

  1. skirt or tailored dress
  2. pants
  3. jacket

Business DressBusiness Jacket


  1. tailored blouse
  2. shell or camisole

These pieces can transition from business meetings to casual events and, with the camisole and the right jewelry, to evening events.

A nice pair of jeans and a couple of tee shirts will get you through downtime. 

Finally, it is important to pack shoes that are suitable for various events. Definitely, a pair of comfortable but classic pumps is essential. Running shoes for downtime will give your feet a rest. If you are attending a trade show or another event that requires a lot of walking, you'll also want to slip a pair of comfortable flat walking shoes into your luggage. 

By carefully selecting the right pieces, it is possible to look professional throughout the day, despite the fact that there is now a need to carry less luggage.

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Photo credits: Laura Ashley, Laura

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