6 Ways to Wow Chocoholics

S'mores BarLet's face it: With many guests being "chocoholics," a chocolate surprise is a pretty well guaranteed crowd-pleaser. So, it is well worth taking the time to come up with new ways to serve this tasty treat.

Here are 6 ideas I have seen recently:

1. S'more Bars

I notice that s'mores are a hot trend this year. Groups don't have to wait for a campfire to serve them. Grocery stores are even selling pre-made s'mores that can be heated in a microwave.

Recently MoRoCo Chocolat in Toronto surprised event guests with a s'more bar. There were pre-made s'mores and as well as an interactive component.

With mini-clay burners fired by Sterno and all of the fixings for s'mores provided, guests could make their own s'mores.

Molten Chocolate Cake2. Molten Chocolate Cake

It's quick, it's easy and absolutely delicious. It's luscious chocolate on the outside with a soothing, warm chocolate sauce on the inside.

I have enjoyed this positively sinful delight many times at Bijoy's in Aurora, Ontario. This one was whipped up by Carlsbad Creations and they have been generous enough to share the recipe.


3. Chocolate Mousse Pie

I've been creating this one every since I was a teenager. Pour chocolate mousse into Graham cracker crust pie shells.

Pop the pies in the refrigerator or a blast chiller. When they are set top them with whipped cream and, if you wish, drizzle some cold chocolate sauce gently over the top.


Chocolate Wellington4. Chocolate Wellington

Think chocolate is just for dessert. How about beef sirloin or venison loin‏ with poivrade sauce and sauteed wild mushroom, wrapped in a chocolate crepe and a light and flaky puff pastry? This is also on the menu at MoRoCo Chocolat.


5. Godiva Chocolate Trufflelata

From Godiva comes the ultimate chocolate shake.

One full chocolate truffle is added to a blend of imported Godiva Belgian Chocolate Power, chocolate syrup, and water.

There are 6 flavors based on the flavor of the truffle that is used including chocolate lava cake, milk chocolate, and Oreo.

Godiva  TrufflelataChocolate Ice Cubes


6. Chocolate Ice Cubes

How about Chocolate ice cubes for summer treat? There are several versions of the recipe for this chocolate treat that adds a welcome surprise to cool beverages as it melts. Click on the link for the recipe by Sandra Kavital where we found this photo.

For more ways to wow chocoholics, check out 21 Delectable Desserts for Corporate Events on Cvent Event Blog.

Photo Credit: Executive Oasis International, Event Planning (MoRoCo Chocolat photos)

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