Chocolate Event Venues: 4 Great Picks for Chocoholics

MoRoCo ChocolatJust about everyone loves chocolate, so event planners who are looking for a virtually guaranteed crowd please won't go wrong if they pick an event venue that showcases this delight.

Fortunately, they can be found all over the world:

MoRoCo Chocolat

In Toronto, MoRoCo Chocolat, which guests can always count on to satisfy chocolate cravings, has expanded its menu to include chocolate infused savoury dishes. Appetizers include salade caprice de Reine with Valrhona blond chocolate and a goat and a cheese salad with chocolate covered walnuts. Mains with a chocolate flair include confit de canard ravioli with fresh housemade chocolate and‏ plain pasta. On the dessert menu there is chocolate fondue, frozen hot chocolate and le souffle glace. Beverages include a chocolate cherry Manhattan, Neopolitan cream tea layered with vanilla bean, cocao nibs, and dried strawberries.

Paris Ritz

At the opulent Ritz Paris Hotel, which just went through a 2-year renovation, patrons can find some of the most delightful chocolate delicacies. We gave previously mentioned the scrumptious profiteroles au chocolat at the Ritz. L'espadon features a Chocolate Souffle and crispy Manjari chocolate delight with raspberries.

Ritz Carlton (Global)

Ritz Carlton had a contest for 20 of its best chefs around the globe to come up with their best cake. The result? Yusuke Aoki of the Ritz-Carlton Toronto is the winner. All Ritz-Carlton partner hotels now serve this delightful new signature chocolate cake for guests around the world to savour.

Hotel Sacher Vienna

One of Europe's most famous luxury hotels, Hotel Sacher in Vienna has been served over 360,0000 slices of sacher-torte, a world renowned piece of Vienna, since 1832. Its closely guarded secret recipe includes a rich chocolate cake, hand coated with a thin layer of apricot jam and topped with chocolate icing and unsweetened whipped cream. Hotel Sacher also offers 3 Time to Chocolate pampering treatments infused with cacao beans at its Sacher Spa.

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