7 Inspiring Ideas for Christmas Event Decor

Christmas Centerpiece

It's easy for companies with annual Christmas events to fall into a rut but there is no reason to repeat the same party every year. 

Inspiration for Christmas decor can come from a stroll through a shopping center or a park, decorations in restaurants, hotels, churches and cathedrals, YouTube videos, and Pinterest or Flickr images.

To design fresh decor for Christmas events:

  1. Keep it Simple.
    Arranging a few objects and unifying them through a simple color palette can create magic.
  2. Don't get stuck in the red and green rut.
    Experiment with white, gold, silver, fuchsia, shades of blue, and even a bright burgundy.
  3. Remember, ornaments aren't just for Christmas trees.
    Christmas ornaments are scalable. They can be used for giant statues in fountains, arranged in bowls or vases for centerpieces, and incorporated into outdoor event venue decor.

Chirstmas Bulb FountainChristmas Bulb Centerpiece

           Many YouTube tutorials demonstrate how  to create custom ornaments and snow globes.

Custom Christmas ornamentsCustom Christmas Ornaments

  1. Experiment with Edible Decor
    Candy BarNo Christmas event would be complete without tasty treats. Candy canes are a good place to start for informal Christmas events but they aren't the only way to create edible decor. Experiment with fruit, and nuts. Arrange Christmas goodies into a candy bar or shape the treats into colorful centerpieces.

    Smarties, candy kisses, jelly beans or any other colored candies in Christmas colors or your palette arranged in elegant vases or candy bowls will add a whimsical touch to any event.

    When Marnie Swedberg recently interviewed me for her radio show, she shared one of her favorite momentos from a corporate event. Christmas cookie jars filled with gingerbread and sugar cookies and used for centerpieces. She one the door prize at her table and uses the cookie jar to this day.

    Speaking of gingerbread, gingerbread houses come in all sizes. They can be used as centerpieces or as part of the venue's decor. I have seen giant gingerbread houses at hotels in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur.

Christmas candy centrepieceChirstmas Cookies and Gingerbread house

  1. Borrow form other cultures.
    Use a "Christmas in insert foreign destination" theme and convey the culture through a color palette based on the colors of the flag, local Christmas dishes, music, plants, flowers, and other decorations. You don't have to replace all traditional Christmas decor. Just add to it.
  2. Christmas Almond CandiesBrainstorm and borrow from other seasons and occasions.
    Building on our edible decor and borrow from other cultures themes,colored almond candies aren't just for Italian weddings.

    Place candies that match your palette in Christmas coasters at each place setting or treat your guests to Christmas favors in a box or drawstring bag.

    Sparklers work equally as well for Christmas as for 4th of July. Use them when you bring out a special dessert or when you're ready to dazzle guests with surprise entertainment.
  3. Bring the outside inside.
    A previous Cvent blog post discussed bringing the outside in through the use of branches, twigs, and berries. Small ice sculptures are ideal centerpieces and large ones can be used for decoration or as icebars for beverage service.

    Using snow houseschalets, winter garden venuescool winter event venues with a view of the snow outside, and other unique Christmas event venues can trim your decorating budget.

Finally, a professional interior designer invites you into her home and shares her personal secrets for transforming any environment for Christmas.

In case you missed it, here are some tips I recently shared in a radio broadcast Corporate to Cozy Christmas Events.

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