Why It's Important to Start Planning for "Christmas" in July

Last year, in July, I posted a question on LinkedIn about whether or not executives were planning to start holding December holiday events again. Since 2008, Scrooge and the Grinch have put in appearances. Many companies have been canceling holiday events. Yes, times have been tough but to not even hold holiday potlucks or charity events is overkill.

There was one very rude answer that basically told me to "get a life." This was puzzling but it highlighted the fact that many companies don't get the fact that event planning should not be left until the last minute. Savvy companies book event venues as soon as this year's holiday event is over. Wait until November to contact event planners and the best special event venues and hotels will definitely be booked. Companies will have to pay top dollar for what's left. Cooking events are also popular for the holidays and cooking venues are usually sold out long before November 1st.

Every year, my company gets calls at the end of November for team events to assemble holiday shoe boxes or contribute to another worthwhile charity. To reach their intended destinations in war-torn areas by year's end, shoe boxes are collected during the 3rd week of November.

Is is it too early to start thinking about the holidays in July? To coin a phrase from the Generation Y phrase book, my response to the LinkedIn comment is "Get over yourself." Get with the program. Many organizations are holding Christmas in July charity events.

Take a look at these headlines.

  • Christmas in July: Businesses network while money raised for RCS‎
  • Christmas in July Attracts Neighborhood Attention‎ (for food pantries)
  • Rescue Mission treats homeless, needy to "Christmas in July"
  • Chili's to donate to Operation Christmas Child July 26‎

Check the calendar: the holidays are 5 months away. If that seems like a lot of time to plan an event, think again.

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