Giving Thanks: 7 Ways to Express Client Appreciation

Royal Court RIf employees are the heartbeat of any organization, clients are its lifeline. Without clients, the organization would simply cease to exist. It's important for organizations to pause from time to time to express appreciation to the clients who have fuelled their success. During this season of Thanksgiving, let's not forget to thank clients. Fortunately, it's possible to do this regardless of one's budget.  

Here are 7 ways to express client appreciation. 

  1. Make a donation to a local or international charity on behalf of top clients.
  2. Host a dinner. Big or small, it's a great opportunity  to say thanks. Look for special events like the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto that always has a Royal Court Restaurant, a pop-up restaurant with gourmet cuisine that is perfect for entertaining clients.

  1. Tick off a local experience form the bucket list. This will vary with your location. If it's Dubai, take your clients on a desert safari or for a Dhow cruise. If your location is Canada, make it dog sledding.
  2. Invite executives from a couple of top clients to part of your team building retreat or corporate meeting. A panel with clients can be a great way to educate employees and their participation will educate your sales and client care teams. 
  3. Polo events or Luxury car events. Events like Toronto's Polo for Heart are an ideal opportunity to say thanks. Book a corporate table and invite your best clients. Give them a heads up in December so that they can mark their calendars for the following June.
  4. Take your client for a weekend getaway. Whether it's Jamaica, Nashville or a neighboring town, state or province, it's a great opportunity for a couple of your sales executives to bond with your sales executives. If you have the budget for it, include spouses.
  5. Sponsor or co-sponsor a sales incentive trip. One of my clients has been able to get a supplier to sponsor almost all of their sales incentive trips. It's a chance for a couple of members of your sales executive team to go along and bond with you client's to performing sales team members.  

Whatever you select, make sure that it pushes your client's buttons and not just your own. 

Bonus: Here is how a Canadian bank thanked its customers:

For more ideas to express appreciation to clients, also consult Planner Smarts: Client Appreciation Events and Event Design Inspiration from Canadian Brands.

Photo Credit: L-eat Catering

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