Energizers for Conferences and Off-site Meetings

Despite the large volume of research about the importance of participation and active engagement, conferences and off-site business meetings continue to rely heavily on presentations and other passive approaches to content delivery. This can present a challenge for participants who are used to being active during the course of their regular business day. (Even workers who spend most of the day at the computer are still actively involved through typing another activities.)

You can provide energizers by selecting hotels and meeting venues that have opportunities for energizers and break-time activities (e.g. pool tables, arcades, ping pong tables). Here are some energizers to ensure that participants remain alert and engaged throughout the day:

  • Stretching
  • 2 Minute Work-out
  • Dance Energizer
  • Human Massage Chain (Men and women line up separately, grab the shoulder of the person in front of them and give a vigorous massage)
  • Beach Ball Toss (Unleash a number of beach balls on a audience and watch them go wild)
  • "Snack Packs" (Lunch bags with Kooshes, stress balls, small wooden hand massagers, wands, Slinkies, Lego and Rubik's Cubes
  • Game Show Review
  • Trivia Game
  • Puzzle Challenges for Review Sessions

Break Time

  • Indoor or outdoor mini-scavenger hunt
  • Vacation Breaks (Travel DVDs with music and upbeat scenery)
  • Make Your Own Sundaes
  • Appetizer Mini-Iron Chef
  • PlayStation
  • Golf Simulators
  • Arcade Games
  • Chess Sets (Participants will continue their games during breaks or at lunchtime)
  • Wii

Especially if your content is complex, technical or highly theoretical, build some energizers into your day. Your audience will thank you.

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