Configuring Triberr and Importing Blog Posts #triberr

TriberrTriberr is one of the most powerful tools for sharing blog on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. If your Triberr tribe members aren't sharing your content, don't leave just yet. Check if you have configured your Triberr to import your blog posts and assigned the posts to a tribe.

RSS Feeds

You will need your blog's RSS Feed URL. 

RSS = Rich Site Summary (sometimes called Really Simple Syndication)

RSS Feeds are similar to the breaking news headlines ticker tape that runs along  the bottom on CNN and other news channels.Through RSS feeds, subscribers import or access syndicated content that, unlike static web pages, is updated frequently. For example, the URL for Cvent Blog's RSS Feed is:

Go ahead and click on it.

You'll see code required by RSS readers, the blog's text  and html.

Finding your RSS Feed URL

To import blog content into Triberr or Twitterfeed, copy the URL for your blog's RSS Feed. There are 3 ways to do this:

  1. From a Blog Post or Page, hit "CTRL F." Search for RSS. (This only works on some blogs. For example, it doesn't work on Cvent Blog.)
  2. RSSLook for the RSS symbol (sample to the right). Click on it. Copy the URL from the address bar.
  3. View the source code for your blog. Hit "CTRL F." Search for RSS. Copy the full URL.

To view source code in Google Chrome, right mouse click from anywhere on a post or page except an image and select "view page source". In Internet Explorer, select "Source" from the View menu.


Triberr Settings MenuAdding RSS Feeds to Triberr

To add RSS Feeds to Triberr:

  • Log on to Twitter and Triberr.
  • Click the blue down arrow beside "Account" in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select "Settings".
  • Then, click the "My Blogs" Tab.
  • Click "Add Blog".
  • Paste the RSS Feed URL into the field. Save it.
  • A "Test Feed" button will become visible. Click it to ensure that the feed is working.

Triberr Assign Blogs Screen


Assigning Blogs to Tribes

Next, assign your blog to one or more tribes.

  • Click "Assign Tribes."
  • In the pop-up window, select the RSS Feed for the blog you want to import from the drop down menu for each tribe.
  • Click "Close" in the lower right corner.

Triberr regularly checks for blog posts. To import posts immediately, click "Check Feed" below a blog title. 

Adding Social Networks

Click on the "My Social Networks" tab. Verify that a Twitter account has been added and assigned to tribes. This extremely important to share posts from other tribe members. After all, Triberr is a reciprocal platform.

Triberr Stream


Best Practices

Every time a new blog post is live:

  • Click "Check Feed" to import it.
  • Click Stream at the top of the page to view blog posts from all of your tribes.
  • Use the drop down menu beside "New Posts" to select "My Posts".
  • From the drop down menu, to the right above of the blog you imported,  select "Edit Title". Add a couple of hashtags. 
  • Triberr Share ButtonScroll down the page. View and click on blog post titles from other tribe members to read them. Click the green "Share" button for blog posts of interest to members of your social media networks.

If posts from some tribe members don't appear in the tribal stream, chances are, they have not configured Triberr. Help them out by sending them this blog post.

Triberr Tribes

In the meantime, click "Tribes" at the top of the screen. Click "My Tribes" and then "Members". Click on a member's name to see their recent posts, view and share them.

For more Triberr tips, read  Triberr: A Powerful New Tool for Bloggers and 10 Tips for Using Triberr and Other Automated Twitter Tools.

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