SPECIAL: 10 Tips for Using Paper.li, Postano and Other Content Aggregators

Paper.li Content aggregators (e.g. Paper.li, Postano, News360, and The Tweeted Times) bundle tweets and other online content in attractive digests, integrating words, images and videos. The main benefit is that busy event and meeting planners can quickly access targeted content that is of interest by following users who publish "papers," virtual magazines, or customized media feeds related to their interests.

Event planners can also save time by easily accessing content that is of interest instead of manually scrolling through pages of tweets.

Through content aggregators, event and meeting planners can connect with colleagues and discover new blogs, hotels and event venues.

Finally, event planning and hotel bloggers can attract new readers and subscribers who discover them through tools like Paper.li and Postano.

Content Aggregators: A Quick Primer

Here are some of the Content aggregators that are available for social media users.

  • Paper.li: Paper.li @smallrivers creates attractive virtual newspapers that blend video, images & text from tweets.
  • Postano: Postano @ilpostano generates attractive visual social dashboards to easily monitor social activity.
  • Flipboard: Flipboard @flipboard creates stunning virtual magazines for mobile applications from your tweets.
  • News 360: With News 360 @news360app users create customized newsfeeds for Twitter and Facebook.
  • The Tweeted Times: The Tweeted Times @tTwtTimes aggregates news in your Twitter stream and ranks it by popularity.

Tips for Using Social Media Content Aggregators

  1. Don't just dump your entire tweetstream into Paper.li, Postano and other content aggregators.

    Content curation does not mean content dumping. It involves taking time to configure your settings to generate targeted content.
  2. Select a topic, focus or specific target audience and name your "paper" or digest accordingly. (For example, on Paper.li, my company publishes Team Building Daily.)
  3. Hotels, resorts and event venues: Seize the opportunity to create a "paper" for your brand.
  4. For conferences and business meetings, create your own paper.

    Choose a hashtag, create a Twitter list with the name of the event. Add the accounts of the Twitter users who will be tweeting on behalf of your event. Configure Paper.li to pick up tweets with the hashtag and from your list.
  5. For conferences and annual events, create a paper or aggregated media feed to stay in touch with attendees throughout the year.
  6. Add keywords, hashtags, and specific accounts that tweet related content.
  7. Don't just set it and leave it.

    Monitor what your paper or aggregated media feed is producing and the reactions to it. For example, if your followers find a daily paper is overwhelming, switch to weekly.
  8. Check regularly for enhancements.

    For example, it is now possible to add major publications to your Paper.li and select specific content categories from a list for your paper. If you don't make a selection the default is all categories including Adult.
  9. Don't ignore tweeps who take the time thank you for "mentions."

    You'll feed the perception that no one is home and you've set up a ghost account. Interact with some of them.
  10. MOST IMPORTANT TIP: Cultivate a Community Mindset.

    During our #euventprofs chat earlier today, Triberr reminded us that social media is about community, not shotgunning content out to your network. For example, Triberr is a community building tool (tribes) with scheduled sharing options.

Social Media Automation: What We've Discovered

We've learned a lot though our exploration of automated twitter tools and content aggregators. Our exploration has included three blogs as well as two Twitter chats (i.e. #eventprofs, #euventprofs) in which representatives from Triberr, Paper.li and Postano participated. We've cleared up some misconceptions. These tools are not intended to just "set and go". Most Triberr users share content manually. Content aggregators need to be customized.

When used effectively, content aggregators and social media tools with scheduling sharing options can save you time, engage your network and deliver content that is of value to your followers.

A ground-breaking report also reveals that companies that auto-publish to social media generate 50% more leads.

Content aggregators and Twitter tools with scheduled sharing options are definitely worth exploring but they're not for everyone. It's okay to opt out. It's also important to respect the choices of other tweeps. By all means, express your opinions. Feel free to un-follow people in your network if content is not of value whether it is tweeted manually or with the assistance of a tool. However, it's not cool to make disparaging comments or resort to name calling (e.g. plagiarizers, lazy) if users opt to use a different suite of tools than you choose.

For event planning and hospitality industry professionals who are struggling to balance the demands of a busy schedule with the desire for a stronger social media presence, some of the tools may be a perfect fit.

Photo Credit: Alp Ict (Switzerland)

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