Corporate Events: 6 Cool Christmas Event Themes

Vintage Christmas Boxes

There are literally hundreds of of themes to breathe new life into Christmas events and meetings. Inspiration can come from movies, TV, songs, books*; other countries and different eras. 

Here are some themes for great Christmas Events: 

1. Snow Globe

  • Colors: white, blue, green, silver
  • Music: instrumental flute, violin or piano with a dreamy feel, Christmas songs about snow
  • Decorations: artificial snow, icicles, snow men, small houses, ice sculptures, ice bars, ice drinking glasses, snow globes of various sizes
  • Venue Suggestions: Glasshouse, ice or snow hotel, ice rink
  • Main Courses: Arctic char, snow crab, snow peas
  • Desserts: baked Alaska, ice cream rolls, snow cones, edible glaciers, snow cream
  • Beverages: sparkling wine, champagne, assorted soft drinks

2. A Caribbean Christmas

  • Palm TreeColors: Colors from the flag (e.g. Jamaica, black, gold, green, Trinidad: Black, white and red)
  • Music: Jamaica: Boney M., Christmas reggae and mento Trinidad: Parang, steel drums, calypso
  • Decorations: Linen in flag colors, poinsettias, small palms, beach bar, tables with beach umbrellas, cabanas
  • Venue Suggestions: greenhouse, Caribbean restaurant, hotel pool, indoor beach, indoor rainforest, waterfall venue
  • Main Courses: turkey, curry goat or chicken, ham, sweet potatoes, and for brunches ackee and salt fish, green bananas and dumplings
  • Desserts: dark fruit cake or pudding, rum and raisin ice cream
  • Beverages: rum punch, sorrel, ginger beer Jamaica: hot chocolate (called chocolate tea)

Vintage 1950s Sugar Cookies3.  Vintage 1950s Christmas

  • Colors: light, blue, white, red
  • Music: 50s rock and roll, Christmas music recorded by 50s artists
  • Decorations: polka dot, striped, or checkered linen, traditional Christmas stockings, records
  • Venue Suggestions: soda bars, diners, heritage venue
  • Main Courses: traditional turkey with all the trimmings
  • Desserts: vintage cupcakes, candy canes, ice cream sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, sugar cookies
  • Beverages: Coke in glass bottles, soda fountain drinks, ice cream sodas, milk shakes, hot cocoa with whipped cream


Christmas CokeVintage Christmas Ornament


4. Christmas on the Beach

  • Beach decorColors: green, yellow, hot pink, bright blue, teal or turquoise
  • Music: Beach Boys, calypso, reggae, surf rock
  • Decorations: beach bar, tables with beach umbrellas, cabanas, beach balls, palm trees, picnic tables, sand sculptures, beach backdrop or posters, TV monitor with beach scenes
  • Venue Suggestions: hotel pool, beach volleyball court, indoor beach, yacht club
  • Main Courses: grilled chicken, steak, fish, shrimp, or lobster, slider bar, mini hot dog bar
  • Desserts: fruit salad, s'mores
  • Beverages: pina coladas, margaritas or mocktails with umbrellas, water coconuts, beer, Coke in tubs or ice coolers

5. Nutcracker Suite

  • nutcrackerColors: red, blue, green
  • Music: Nutcracker Suite, flute music
  • Decorations: large Christmas tree, nutcrackers of various sizes, music boxes, toy soldiers, harlequin dancer, snowflakes
  • Venue Suggestions: theater with stage designed like set of Nutcracker Suite, venue with a fireplace, mantel and mirrors
  • Main Courses: traditional Christmas fare
  • Desserts: sugar plums, dark fruit pudding, cupcakes, candy canes
  • Beverages: fruit punch in punch bowls, Spanish hot chocolate, Arabian coffee, Chinese tea, chocolate mousse

6. Christmas in Narnia

  • Colors: white, green, blue
  • Music: flute, harp. Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack, Debussy's Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun
  • Decorations: entrance configured like a wardrobe with coats on either side, lamppost, artificial snow, sleigh, many Christmas trees, fur coats, ice sculptures of various sizes, garland, ivy, berries
  • Venue Suggestions: ice bar, snow house, glass house, castle, cave restaurant, venue in a park with lamppost and evergreen trees
  • Main Courses: venison, lamb, trout, potatoes, ham sandwiches
  • Desserts: Turkish delight, cake topped with sprinkled sugar, marmalade rolls, sugar lumps for tea
  • Beverages: beer, tea, cider, hot chocolate

*Note: Always contact the copyright holders and honor their intellectual property for any themes you select.

Photo Credits: Anders Ruff Custom Designs (50s theme), Neville Wooten Photography, SantaRosa OLD SKOOL, ginnylgorman

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