5 Cool Ice Bars to Beat the Heat

Icebar LondonTemperatures have been climbing in Toronto where I am based so this motivated me to bring you ice bars we haven't discussed before. Some of them are brand new.

Icebar (London)

With a temperature of -5°C, Icebar is the only permanent ice bar in the UK. The venue has been fashioned from crystal ice harvested from the Torne River in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. Upon arrival, guests are given designer gloves and thermal capes with a hoods. The menu features both hot and cold items. Originally launched as Absolut Icebar, Icebar London has been around since but it is completed transformed with a brand new theme and design every year.

Icebar London welcomes groups for a wide variety of private and corporate events.


Frost Ice Loft (Boston)

Frost Ice LoftPrivate events can be arranged for groups of 15 or more at Frost Ice Loft, the only permanent ice bar in New England. While the capacity is 75, a new room temperature event space is available for larger groups. Guests can take turns relaxing in the ice bar.

minus5° Ice Bar (Grand Cayman)

minus5° Ice Bar, which already has locations in New York City, Las Vegas, and Orlando, has opened a new location in Grand Cayman. With the walls, bar, chairs, and glasses made of ice, it's the perfect place to cool down in this tropical destination.


Ice Kube Bar

Ice Kube Bar (Paris)

After dining at the 41-room Kube Hotel, guests don down parkas and gloves and enter the Ice Kube Bar. Designed by expert ice sculptor Michel Amann, this ice bar in La Chappelle has an elegant upscale ambiance. Chairs of ice are covered with faux fur.

Il primo Ice Bar (Palermo, Italy)

Guests relax and sip cocktails in this brand-new ice bar where glasses, bars, walls, and chairs are made completely of ice. It's the first ice bar in Southern Italy.

For more ice bars also consult Cool Venues Where Groups can Chill, NYC's Totally Chill Attraction: Hilton's Minus5 Ice Bar, and 6 Places to Keep Your Cool as Temperatures Soar.

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