Corporate Event Venues: New and Improved

Fullerton Hotel, SingaporeWhen new venues open, this often makes the news. As we discovered in last week's feature about Tropical Resorts Transformed by Makeovers, sometimes hidden gems aren't brand new but historical landmarks or old favorites that have been given a new life due to extensive renovations. Today, we'll take a look at new and improved corporate event venues around the world.


  • Fullerton Heritage Precinct

The Fullerton Heritage Precinct is a splendid example of how old spaces can be transformed and brought together with brand new venues to create stunning event spaces. For example, Clifford Pier, Singapore's answer to Ellis Island where new immigrants arrived, houses a new Chinese restaurant called One on the Bund. The Fullerton Waterboat House, which dates back to 1900, has 2 new restaurants.

The Fullerton Hotel, a new 5 Star hotel will open at the site of Singapore's historical post office. The Fullerton pavilion, 3 brand new domed event pods floating in the bay will provide a unique environment for special events. This video shows how historical landmarks are undergoing transformation to create stunning new and improved event venues.


  • Lighthouse Knoxville (West Knoxville, Tennessee)

When it opened 40 years ago, this 15,000-square-foot property was the site of the Hungry Fisherman Restaurant. Today, it is an eco-friendly event venue with 4 function rooms and a capacity of 400.


  • One Leicester Street (London)

Where St. John hotel once stood, a 15 room boutique hotel with restaurant and bar will be opening in early May. The exterior has been preserved and the interior design has completely been transformed by Peng Loh, a hotelier from Singapore.

For other examples of sites that have been given new life through renovations, also consult:

Photo Credit: ozmark

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