Corporate Events - What's on the Horizon?

Green Space, Aurora Home Show To spot corporate event planning trends that are on the horizon, it's important to look beyond what other corporate event planners are doing. To spark your creativity, here are a few ideas from other industries and event industry sectors.

Indoor Green Spaces

Home shows are a great place to pick up event ideas and they often give a hint of event trends that are on the horizon. I recently attended the Aurora Home Show and there were a number of exhibits that created indoor green spaces. I spoke with a number of exhibitors who indicated that the approach was successful in sparking interest and it had resulted in a number of requests to quote.

Indoor Green Space, Aurora Home ShowIndoor Hot Tub, Aurora Home Show

In parts of the world that experience an extended winter, some creativity can bring summer to any environment. An indoor hot tub oasis such as the one created by Backyard Pool & Spa Company and Stonemen's Valley Inc. is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. If your budget is limited, select event venues with greenhouses or atriums or restaurants with indoor or outdoor waterfalls.

Vintage Vehicles & Displays

Also from the Aurora Home Show, the effectiveness of vintage automobiles in drawing crowds at trade shows and marketing events was evident. A working fireplace added to the appeal and whenever it was operating, crowds would line-up to find out more about the services of the exhibitor.

Vintage display, Aurora Home Show


A lot of event innovation comes from the music industry. Even if you are not a fan of urban music, it's impossible to ignore its impact. Urban music will be a force for corporations around the world to reckon with as members of Generation Y enter the workforce and move quickly into leadership positions (due to the retirement of Baby Boomers). Two weeks ago, Tupac Shakur made an appearance at the Coachella 2012 Music Festival...15 years after his death. This performance had a segment in which the holographic performer interacted with a live performer. Due to the inappropriate lyrics in much of the performance, we can only show a small segment video clip.

Is this the shape of things to come for corporate events? Are we going to see appearances by holographic CEOs, speakers and performers at live and virtual corporate events?

Play Spaces

Another takeaway from the Aurora Home Show is that play spaces can add an unexpected touch of fun to any event. Think arcades, recreation rooms and indoor beaches.

Indoor Play Space

Pop-up Events

Pop-up events and stores have taken the fashion, retail, restaurant and art gallery industries by storm. Will they also find a home in the corporate event world?

Now it's your turn.

  • Where are some other places to which corporate event planners look for inspiration?
  • Where are some great places to spot emerging trends?
  • What are the hottest, emerging corporate event trends?

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Photo Credits: Executive Oasis International

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