Creating a Buzz with Creative Event Marketing

Seventa Events Pop-up Beach EventWhether one is marketing a conference, an event planning business, or a product for a client, it's important to find strategies to rise above the crowd and grab the attention of prospective customers.

Here are some creative approaches to marketing that can be used for product launches or to create a buzz when promoting special events, conferences, and event venues.

Pop-up Events

Pop-up events can be used effectively to market destinations, hotels, charity events, special events, and conferences. The keys to success are selecting a location where one's target market congregates in large numbers.

Some of the best ones spring up overnight in pop-up event venues.

UK-based Seventa Events & Hospitality demonstrated "how it's done" with its "On the Beach" summer pop-up event on England's Bournemouth Beach. Seventa brought out marquees, beach chairs, picnic tables, and lounge furniture. They partnered with Jimmys Iced Coffee, Pimms, and The Iced Liquor Co. to provide beverage service and Rekorderlig Cider to create a Swedish oasis and serve Swedish fare.

Here is an example from the hospitality industry. Hilton Hotels created a pop-up beach in the middle of winter:

3D Projection Mapping

We have previously discussed how 3D projection mapping can be used for entertainment and product launches. What if you need to grab and hold the attention of a crowd to get your message across?

It's important to underscore the message that, when used for promotion or marketing, 3D mapping projections can't just be a glorified billboard or large than life TV commercial. They must grab and hold the attention of the crowd, be compelling, and above all be entertaining. Only after the crowd has been engaged and entertained will the promotional message land and stick. 

Nokia did this beautifully with its Lumia 800 smartphone in London.

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

CGI can be used for large or small campaigns that fit on a desktop or fill an entire building.

Coca Cola has always been a master at marketing. The company has pioneered many innovative approaches to marketing that have consistently reinforced its branding and messaging. This brilliant example of a Coke Zero campaign, across a the full spectrum of traditional and social media channels, incorporates sight, sound, touch, and taste:

For other examples of marketing innovation to inspire you, also consult 9 Steps for Designing Guerilla Marketing Campaigns for Event Planners and Pop-up Events, a Hot Marketing Trend.

Photo Credit: Seventa Events

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