Catering to Diverse Learning Styles at Cvent Connect

Cvent Connect General SessionCvent Blog has previously highlighted the importance of catering to diverse learning styles through a variety of content delivery formats and styles that let attendees choose their path.

The Group Business Forum at Cvent Connect, which kicked off on Sunday morning at the MGM Grande Hotel in Las Vegas, is showcasing a variety of formats to deliver engaging contents.

Throughout Cvent Connect, there will be:

For Kinesthetic Learners:

For kinesthetic learners who have shorter attention spans when they are in passive listening mode, Cvent Connect has:

  • Cvent Giant App DemoDemo Bars providing interactive, hands on demos with giant versions of Cvent apps and platforms in the Innovation Pavilion (also appeals to visual learners)
  • bite sized, 15 minute presentations and Q&A sessions in the Mini Theater
  • informal 1-to-1 meetings with Cvent product specialists in the Innovation Pavilion

For auditory and visual learners:

  • 1 1/2 hour General Sessions with presentations against the backdrop of a 270-foot screen

PresentationFor Structured/Analytical Learners:

  • 25 minute Informational Sessions (also appeal to auditory learners)
  • 45 Minute Success Sessions
  • 1/2 day Cvent Supplier Professional Certification sessions

For all Learners:

  • The Exchange mini-trade show on Tuesday afternoon will feature booths with displays that appeal to visual learners and opportunities for scheduled and impromptu discussions with exhibitors.

Attendees can maximize their time by selecting content that is relevant to their specific business needs and a good fit for their learning styles.

When designing content for events, it's important to remember that one size does not fit all. It is important to give attendees choices and an opportunity to access the same content in different formats. For example, a shorter version of the 25 minute informational session Group Sales Amplified, An Introduction to RFP Showcase was offered in the Mini Theater under the title The Business You've Been Waiting. Attendees were then, invited to take advantage of the interactive demos of RFP Showcase.

Introverts vs Extroverts

Cvent Connet Re-Charging LoungeAnother dimension for meeting planners to build into event design is the needs of introverts vs extroverts. Cvent Blog has previously discussed the fact that introverts require thinking and processing time to digest information whereas extroverts benefit from structured and informal discussions with peers. The Innovation Pavilion has spaces were attendees could interact with peers or product experts. There are also quieter spaces like the Stay Well Planners Lounge and small configurations of couches and chairs for impromptu lounge spaces.

For more tips for catering to attendees with a variety of learning styles and preferences also read  10 Active Learning Methods to Retain Short Attention Spans Meeting and Conference Design: Catering to Kinesthetic and Visual LearnersConference and Meeting Design: Catering to Analytical and Structured Learners, and How to Create a Learning Smorgasbord.

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