What the Debt Ceiling Crisis Means for Event Planners

By the time you read this, I hope the debt ceiling crisis will be over.

For if a repeat of September 2008 is around the corner, the ripple effect will again be felt by event planners, hotels, airlines, and event venues around the globe. Like it or not, many companies still view corporate events as "discretionary expenses," a frill that can be cut with minimal impact. The event industry is filled with creative types that have failed to do the hard work of demonstrating the R.O.I. of event planning. Until this happens, the industry will forever be doomed to a roller coaster existence of boom and bust cycles that echo fluctuations in the economy.

Associations for event and meeting planners must grapple with these tough issues. Corporate event planning must transcend sourcing, creative and logistics. With the strength of the Internet, it is easy for clients to find information about event venues, airfares, and resorts. Don't be surprised if in the near future if, for example, hotels stop giving commissions. A similar move by airlines wreaked havoc in the travel agency industry.

For more information: Debt ceiling Q&A: How did we get here, what happens next?
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