21 Delectable Desserts for Corporate Events

Top Chef DessertComing up with creative dessert ideas for corporate events and business lunches, isn't always easy. One can only serve cookies, brownies and cheesecake so often before corporate groups tire of standard fare.

Recently, I've been watching cooking shows and I've found that they can be a great source of inspiration. Here are some traditional favorites and a few ideas from reality TV, other cultures, and special occasions.


Reality TV

Reality TV can help you think outside the box. For example, recent seasons have featured:

  1.  SorbetChocolate Ganache (From Sweet Genius)

  2.  A Willie Wonka Inspired Wonderland
       (From Top Chef.)

  3.  Ice Cream with unique flavors
       (From Chopped and Iron Chef.)

  4.  Sorbet or ices with Fresh Berries and Cream
       (Pictured at the top from Top Chef finale.)

Week after week, Ace of Cakes has demonstrated that cakes can come in unique shapes and flavors to fit just about any theme.


Take your Cue from other Cultures Profiteroles au chocolat

It's easy to get stuck in a rut but we can find inspiration from other cultures.

  5.  Roulades (Hungary)

  6.  Brigadeiros (Brazil)

  7.  Pavlova (Australia)

  8.  Sacher Torte (Austria)

  9.  Chocolate Pots de creme (France)

10.  Profiteroles au chocolat (France)

11. Blancmange (Europe with Middle Eastern Influence)


Holidays and Special Occasions

No need to wait for special occasions to pull out all the stops. Guaranteed crowd pleasers include:

12. Baked Alaska

13. Buche de Noel

14. French Pastry

15. Sweet Tables (e.g. Italian weddings)


Try a Twist on Tradition Strawberry Shortcake

Elevate traditional favorites and give them a special flair:

16. Fudge

17. Ice Cream Cake

18. Cherry Turnovers

19. Banana Splits

20. Apple Pie and Ice Cream

21. Angel Food Cake with Fresh Berries and Ice Cream


The next time you need to come up with a new dessert idea, turn on the TV or visit bakeries in multicultural neighborhoods. With a little inspiration and a lot of imagination, event planners can move beyond standard fare with desserts that are guaranteed to please any palette.

Photo Credits: mastermaq, *clairity*, austinevan, aprilandrandy

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