Helping Destinations Recover After a Crisis

Vancouver's citizens have provided important clues about how companies and private citizens can help destinations recover from a crisis. The call went out on Facebook. In a spontaneous expression of civic pride, thousands of citizens again took to the streets. This time, it was to pitch in and clean up Vancouver.

Vancouver is not the only city in which impromptu charity events have helped destinations recover. In Cairo, citizens pitched in to clean up Tahrir Square following political unrest.

In Australia, volunteers rolled up their sleeves to help Brisbane recover from flooding and devastation.

Here is a community based effort to clean up a bay in Japan after the tsunamis.

Whether it's sending employees to the area to help with clean up or holding charity events to raise funds for food, water, medicine, and supplies, there is a role for companies to play. With their organizational skills, event planners can make valuable contributions to recovery efforts. Caterers, construction companies, gardeners, landscapers, food manufacturing companies, and home supply chains can donate services and products. Pharmaceutical companies can donate medicine, bandages and other supplies. Professional associations can hold fundraising events.

After the crisis has subsided, companies can help economies rebound by planning incentive travel, meetings or corporate retreats in areas that have been hit by a crisis. Professional associations can select destinations that require assistance for conferences and association events. It's a global village and we can all do our part after disaster strikes.

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