8 Ways to Discover the Magic of a Destination

Street Dance

Event and meeting planners often get so caught up in planning and executing for clients that they leave little time for their own R&R. Each destination has its own special magic.

One way to re-charge your batteries is to spend some time in the evening, arrive a few days early or stay on at a destination a few days after an event to discover what the destination has to offer.

Here are 8 ways to discover the magic of a destination:

  1. Take a tour.
    It's a quick and easy way to hit the highlights in a short timeframe.

    This week I am attending Feria de Turismo Cultural 2015 - Zacatecas. Some of the hosted buyers who are veteran event planners organized their appointments to complete all required meetings during the first 2 days of the event. Day 3 is free to do a tour, relax and explore.
  2. Go to a street dance or street festival.
    Enjoy music, dance and sample cuisine with the local residents.
  3. Concert in ZacatecasAttend an outdoor concert.
  4. Go on a photo safari.
    Grab your camera. Head to the beach, the mountains or a heritage area of town and capture the magic.
  5. Hop on a train or cruise boat and visit a small town or village.

    One year at IMEX Frankfurt, I explored Mainz and the other year it was Bacharach, two places I had visited as a university student.
  6. Go on an outdoor adventure.
    Whether it's a desert safari, ziplining, white water rafting or skiing, select an adventure that will help you explore the natural environment.
  7. Sample local cuisine at a food festival or other culinary event.
    These events usually include music, art and other cultural programs. The Cvent Event Blog features them regularly from all parts of the world.
  8. Explore a museum.
    There are museums to fit just about every interest from art to cars. Museums that showcase the local culture and history are a great way to learn about a destination.

Not only will these experiences provide an opportunity to relax and unwind, they are also an excellent way to pick up new ideas for events both at home and abroad.

Here are  10 Ways for Meeting Planners to Recharge After Events.

Photo Credit: Anne Thornley-Brown, Executive Oasis International

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