Dubai: Black Gold Simulation Helps Companies Uncover Hidden Opportunities

Oil RigIt's no secret that companies around the globe have experienced an unprecedented rate of turbulence since February, 2001. This greatly intensified in September, 2008 and it has has a dramatic impact on every sector of the event planning, hospitality and travel industries. Companies are searching for untapped market niches to replace areas of decline. They are also attempting to uncover hidden opportunities where there appear to be few or none.

The desert with its towering sand dunes and intermittent sandstorms is a perfect metaphor for the turbulent environment that many companies are experiencing. Against the backdrop of the desert, The Quest for Black Gold is a powerful team building simulation that is now offered in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman. It can also be transplanted to any desert or rugged terrain on the planet. My company delivered it in Dubai for one of our clients a few days ago.

Prior to the team building retreat, groups complete participant profiles to ensure that content with which they are familiar is not re-hashed. Mini-interaction style inventories ensure that the session is tailored in terms of approach. A brief business meeting or tele-conference with the CEO is essential to ensure that team building is a laser beam focused on corporate goals, objectives and challenges.

Prior to the desert excursion, the entire group meets at one of the company's meeting venues or meeting facilities at a local hotel. There is a brief refresher focusing on the keys to out of the box thinking. In preparation for the oil prospecting hunt, teams complete a desert survival case that highlights the perils of Groupthink and pre-mature consensus. Barriers to innovation, innovation models and rich examples of corporate success and failure are explored.

Then, it's off to the desert. Teams race up and down sand dunes enroute to the first checkpoint where they will be briefed about the tools required to discover and tap into the hidden oil supply. They even get a practice run assembling a toy replica of the oil rig.

The hunt begins.At first the desert appears to be an inhospitable environment in which little grows and there is nothing but sand and small shrubs.

By using navigational tools (GPS and compass) and following the map and clues provided by Bedouin they meet along the way, the teams come across an oil rig in a state of dis-repair.

Oil HuntRace to the FinishOil RigOil RIg AssemblyDrillingTorch

The challenge is to be the first team to assembly the oil rig and us it to tap into the oil field fill a container with the precious commodity. The first team to light a torch to signal their discover has a good chance of winning this challenge.

Before the sun sets, the teams spend a couple of hours debriefing their experiences to glean valuable lessons about uncovering hidden opportunities at work.

Debriefing Area

Then, it's time to celebrate under the stars with a hard earned feast fit for a sultan.

The Quest for Black Gold is the perfect way for teams to explore Dubai, have fun and discover strategies to take your team to the next level. It can be offered for stand alone team building or as an add-on to conferences and business meetings.

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