8 Easy Touches for Easter Events

Eater decorationsEaster events are usually some of the first to take place during the spring season. Some years, the weather cooperates and it's possible to have part of your event outdoors.

Of course there is always an opportunity to bring elements of the outdoors inside and to add just the right touches to create a light, bright and upbeat ambiance. Here are a few quick ideas:

  1. Expand your color palette.
    In addition to traditional purples and greens, experiment with pinks, yellows, white or even reds. Select your shade from the Pantone palette for the current season.
  2. Make it Multi-cultural.
    Bring in traditions, decor and menu items from around the world. For example, serve babka, a Ukrainian Easter bread; or bun and cheese, a traditional Jamaican treat enjoyed during the Easter season.
  3. Easter FlowersExperiment with a broader selection of flowers.
    Lilies and daffodils are traditional choices for Easter but also consider tulips, carnations, orchids or hydrangeas.
  4. Encourage guests to dress traditionally.
    At Easter, ladies and girls used to get new hats and gloves. Announce a semi-formal dress code, why not bring this lovely tradition back.
  5. Create a relaxing atmosphere with soothing background music.
    A harpist, flautist or violinist can have great impact without exploding your budget.
  6. Create a beautiful tablescape.
    Tablescapes don't have to be expensive. Here is an example of a few that are quick and easy to create.

  1. It's okay to add a touch or two from childhood - as long as you don't overdo it.
    So take your pick, small toys, jelly beans, candy-coated almonds, gumballs - just about anything sweet and colorful will do.
  2. Easter Centerpiece with ChocolateCater to the chocoholics in your crowd.
    Chocolate has become an enjoyable Easter tradition. It doesn't take much and it's guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser with event attendees.

For more inspiration for Easter events, also consult Event Venues: Great Toronto Easter Event Venues on the Cvent Event Blog.

Photo Credits: Andrea, birdiesphoto farmer

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