Incentive Destinations: Easter Island

 Hangaroa ResortAs we are just coming out of Easter season, I thought it would be interesting to learn about Easter Island (Isla de Pascua), a perfect choice for corporate groups that have seen it all.

Getting to Easter Island is easier now that there are flights from Lima, Peru. (LAN has direct flights to Lima from New York, Los Angeles and Miami.)

Early settlers, who were Polynesian, called the island "Rapa Nui." Easter Island, a UNESCO named World Heritage site, is located in the South Pacific 2,300 miles from the West coast of Chile that annexed it in 1888.

The island received its name as Jacob Roggeveen, the Dutch navigator arrived to explore the island on Easter Sunday in 1722. Captain Cook reached the island in 1774.

Easter Island has a dramatic landscape that includes volcanoes, caves, and beaches. Activities include horse riding, trekking, cycling, scuba diving, and surfing.

MoaisThe Moais are the most recognizable feature of Easter Island. Each of these 100 giant statues has a name and like the terra cotta warriors in China and the statues in King Tut's tomb in Egypt, each has unique facial features. For this reason, it is believed that they were carved to represent specific ancestors who at one time resided on the island.

The Moais stand on stone structures called Ahu. It is believed that the Moais and Ahu were used in ancient worship.

Learn about the history and see archeological artifacts at Father Sebastian Englert Anthropological Museum.

Places to Stay on Easter Island

The design of Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa (pictured above) was inspired by the ruins of Orongo village, an ancient village that stood at the top of Rano Kau volcano. The resort has 69 KAINGA rooms 6 MA'UNGA suites. There is a large meeting room that can accommodate up to 340 people, a boardroom for 12 and a theater with seating for 70.

Boutique hotels in natural surrounding include Hotel Rapa Nui with 38 rooms and Hare Noi with 4 garden view rooms and 5 sunset rooms.

Photo Credits: Dan Lundberg, davidberkowitz

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