What's Hot: More Eco-Friendly Supplies for Green Events

iPad MenuWith the return of spring foliage, flowers and vegetation, it's only natural for event planners to think about strategies to make events more sustainable. Often, finding affordable environmentally-friendly supplies can present a challenge even for event planners who have the best intentions. Today, we'll look at a few green alternatives for commonly used event supplies

iPad Menus

I recently saw this at a Japanese restaurant in Toronto. Instead of menus, upon arrival, guests were presented with iPads on which the menu had been loaded. Waiters and waitresses also took orders on iPads. It was quick, easy, interactive, and best of all, paperless.

I couldn't help thinking that iPad menus would also be practical for banquets and corporate events. This reusable option could also work with a downloadable app for participants to download to their smart phones or tablets.

Eco-friendly Tablecloths Eco-Friendly Tablecloths and Runners

Mohawk Paper Company protects the environment by aggressively protecting their forests in Germany. 100% of the electricity in their factories is generated through wind power. All dyes for tablecloths, runners, plates and napkins are water based, dye-free and chlorine-free.

From the forest, they fabricate elegant, disposable paper tablecloths in a variety of colors that look and feel similar to linen. These table cloths fit standard round and rectangular banquet tables. They are so thick that spills can be wiped up or blotted without tearing the tablecloths.

Runners, which are made from the same material, come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Washabi TapeWashi Tape

Every event planner knows the importance of tape. Now, straight from Japan and made from rice paper, Washi tape provides a green alternative to masking tape. It's reusable and it can be put on walls at hotels and event venues with no fear of damage to paint or wallpaper.

Washi tape comes in a variety of bright colors and attractive designs.

Tapioca PlatesTapioca Fiberware Biodegradable Plates and Bowls

These biodegradable plates and bowl, intended to replace Styrofoam and plastic, are so sturdy that they can can be placed in an oven at 350° for 30 minutes or used in a microwave.

Tapioca was selected because it is allergen-free. As it is harvested without killing the plant, this raw material is renewable annually .


For more resources to help you design green events, also consult Corporate Events: Superb Supplies for Green Events.

Download Green Events Made Easy Whitepaper by Cvent.

Photo Credits: Corporate Event Planning, Executive Oasis International Greenware Party Goods

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