8 Elegant Event Themes for Summer Events

Summer eventSummer is just around the corner. Fortunately, event planners don't have to look far to find inspiration for summer event themes and ideas. Music, movies, art, and literature are all great places to start. (Always be sure to respect all copyrights and trademarks and take the required steps to legally use them.)

  1. Urban Gourmet Picnic
    Venues: Park, garden with a gazebo, island near the city
    Decor: Picnic sets in bright colors, 
    Dress: Casual
    Menu: Smoked salmon, shrimp, cold chicken, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, salad, fresh strawberries
    Beverages: Lemonade, ice tea
    Music: Anything with a summer theme
    Entertainment: Picnic basket contest, hat contest, urban safari to find the location
  2. Polo on the BeachPolo on the Beach
    Annual events currently take place at 7 locations around the world including Miami Beach, Watergate Bay, UK (Veuve Clicquot Polo On The Beach), Dubai, Cable Beach in Australia, Germany, Belgium, and Spain
    Venues: Polo club with a beach, beach club
    Decor: Tack, polo mallets, polo-inspired art, tents
    Menu: Gourmet picnic
    Beverages: Pimms, white wine, light cocktails
    Music: Catered gourmet luncheon with steak, chicken, sliders, ostrich burgers, or gourmet picnic hampers (crystal and china)
    Entertainment: Best picnic contest, best hat contest, silent auction, skydiving

  1. World Cup Soccer Party (Or Brazilian Bash)
    Country will vary depending on where FIFA holds its event.
    Venues: Indoor or outdoor soccer club, Brazilian restaurant (e.g. Fogo de Chao) or nightclub
    Decor: Potted palms, colors of the Brazilian flag (i.e. green, yellow, blue), soccer balls, soccer jerseys
    Dress: Tropical cocktail attire or soccer jerseys
    Menu: Steak, Churrasco, Rice and beans, Empadas, Brigadeiro
    Beverages: Caipirinha, Cachaga, Garapa, Coffee Bar
    Music: Samba, Bossa Nova, Choro, Afro-Brazilian Music, Sergio Mendes
    Entertainment: Samba Dancers, Capoeira Dancers, Shoot-out contest
  2. Midsummer Nights Dream
    Traditionally a summer Solstice theme, it also works well between mid-July and mid-August.
    Venues: Outdoor theater, garden, venue in the woods
    Decor: Garlands, wild flowers, candles
    Menu: Crab, shrimp, smoked salmon,
    Beverages: Cocktails with lime juice (e.g. gin rickey, mojitos), elderberry juice or cocktails,
    Music: Flute music, harp music
    Entertainment: Aerial ballet or gymnastics, ballet, costumed dancers (fairies, nymphs, etc.)

      This is how Epicure executed its Midsummer Night's Dream Party in Singapore.

  1. Bora Bora Bash
    Venues: Beach clubs, beaches, lagoons, canals, riverside venue, waterfall venue, greenhouse with a waterfall
    Decor: Potted palms, Tiki huts and bars, cabanas, loungers, umbrella tables
    Menu: Tropical buffet
    Beverages: Mai Tais, cocktails with umbrellas, pineapple juice cocktails
    Music: Polynesian
    Entertainment: Fire dances,  fire eaters
  2. Rooftop PartySummer in the City
    Venues: Rooftop patio, roof garden, park or garden in the heart of the city
    Decor: Bright tablecloths, fresh flowers
    Dress: Casual Menu:
    Assorted passed hors d'oeuvres, sliders
    Beverages: Cocktails, bottled beer in tubs, wine coolers, mocktails
    Music: Loving Spoonful, Martha and the Vandellas
    Entertainment: Jazz trio, pianist, Fireworks
  3. Summer Soiree 
    Similar to Summer in the City but more upscale in terms of dress, menu and decor
    Venues: Rooftop patio, roof garden, park or garden in the heart of the city, park with a bandstand, garden or park with a pond of fountain
    Decor: White tablecloths, fresh flowers 
    Dress: Cocktail attire
    Menu: Passed hors d'oeuvres followed by a light sit down dinner
    Beverages: Martinis, mojitos with mint, white wine, Dubonnet
    Music: Sergio Mendes, Shakira, Debussy
    Entertainment: Classical violin trio, harp , flutist
  4. Grand Prix, Corvette Summer, or F1
    In fact, pick any movie or song that's related to cars to create an event that appeals to a predominantly male group. This can be a 60s themed event or a luxury car event.
    Venues: Race Track, Paddock during F1 Event, car museum, automobile amusement park, car dealership
    Decor: Cars, 45 records, automobile ice sculptures
    Menu: Burgers, hot dogs, sliders, steak
    Beverages: Soda fountain drinks, bottled beer in tubs, Coke or Pepsi in vintage bottles
    Music: Beach Boys, Jan and Dean
    Entertainment: DJ Playing 60s favorites, in-car challenges, 

For more summer event ides, event planners can also adapt 10 Tropical Event Themes to Beat the Winter Chill. Also read 10 Tips for Designing Gala Events That Sparkle, and 12 Touches to Add Punch and Pizzazz to Corporate Events.

Photo Credit: fivelocker, Justo Ruiz, and Rufus

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