Enchanted Gardens Jamaica: An Enchanting Event Space

Enchanted Gardens, Ocho Rios, JamaicaI've traveled to about 23 countries. When people ask me "What is your favorite place on the planet? " I don't even have to think before answering "The Enchanted Garden."

It came to me in a flash about 18 years ago. It was the day before I was leaving for Jamaica to visit relatives. While shopping at Toronto's Yorkdale, a travel agency poster practically jumped out at me. It had a spectacular waterfall and the words "The Enchanted Garden, Ocho Rios, Jamaica." I would be staying in Ocho Rios for 2 weeks. I had to see it.

After a long walk up the hill, I arrived at the now familiar water wheel. The porter told me that the property was a spa and resort, I immediately booked a day pass and returned the next day.

There were meandering streams, ponds, 14 waterfalls, a pasta bar under a canopy of trees, and an outdoor aviary with exotic birds. On the way to the spa, a tiny Doctor Bird hovered in front of me. I remember thinking "The Garden of Eden couldn't have been any lovelier."


Aah Falls - Enchanted Gardens, Jamaica

I returned to Toronto refreshed with renewed hope and optimism. A couple of years later, I spent a week there. It was my dream to stay when my son was old enough for camp. Unfortunately, the management company failed to pay the taxes. It broke my heart when The Enchanted Garden closed. I thought I would never see it again.

The last time I was in Jamaica, I had to see if there was truth to the rumour that The Enchanted Garden had re-opened. With a fresh coat of paint and a bold new colour scheme I discovered that Eco-Tours The Enchanted Gardens is now an event venue. As I strolled around the gardens, I kept pinching myself. I was sure dreaming.

I hope that one day it will re-open as a resort. For now, brides from all over the world and companies seeking a spectacular corporate event space can discover the magic that captured my heart all those years ago.

Come on in and enjoy my slice of paradise.

Climbing the Aah Falls, The Enchanted Gardens - Video


The Enchanted Gardens - Photo & Video Tour

 Have you ever been to The Enchanted Gardens? Please tell us about it.

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