6 Simple Ways to Add Creativity and Fun to Events

Outdoor FunI have previously discussed the role of fun in corporate events. Now, fun isn't appropriate for all events, but when it is, you can pick up ideas from tradeshows, corporate events, and what's in the news. Here are 6 creative ideas to boost the enjoyment many different types of events.

  1. Creativity and fun begins with the choice of venue.
    Some venues have rooftop terraces, guest rooms or function rooms with spectacular views, a backdrop to add the wow factor. It's fun to keep the blinds drawn and then reveal the view to the gasps of the group.

    Others venues display creativity with themed décor. Interactive venues, chocolate event venuestheme parks, festivals, and fun factories are guaranteed to add a sense of fun and excitement.
  2. Event planners can team up with any venue to surprise and delight guests.
    Personalize the décor with touches like a guest's favourite flowers, DVDs, books, and even bath amenities to kick things up a notch.

cake decoratingChocolate Mousse Challenge


  1. Fabulous Food = Fun.
    There are many ways to have fun with food, from cooking contests to interactive food stations.

    Reelworld Film Festival wowed guest with a dessert bar by Chez Fran Desserts at the closing night reception in Toronto.

    At a team building retreat I facilitated last week, we worked with Hidden Valley Resort to create a chocolate mousse challenge before dinner one night.

    Recently, for one of its events, Ignite Business Event Expo had a cake decorating contest at Toronto Congress Centre. These weren't cupcakes but full size cakes that were boxed and labelled so that attendees could take their cakes home and enjoy them.

    Even the most stately events and elite guests can benefit when all of the creative stops are pulled out.

    When President Barack Obama recently visited Jamaica, the chefs and decorators at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel had fun adding creative touches to his suite and designing special dishes with a local Caribbean flair for their distinguished guest. Orchids, which are his favourite flowers, were added to the suite.

    The team elevated traditional Jamaican cuisine like jork perk, smoked marlin, bammy, coconut jelly (served as a shooter), sorrel, and, of course, used local spices like Scotch bonnet pepper.

    Desserts included fresh local fruit, a coconut mousse, and handmade mango chocolate truffles. Cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, often used in Jamaican cooking, enhanced the flavours.

  1. Give participants an opportunity to try something they've never done before.
    Whether it's indoor sky diving at a venue like i-Fly Toronto to which Ignite Business Expo recently treated participants, indoor scuba diving, polo, or ziplining, it will be an adventure that participants will never forget. It doesn't have to be physical either. Art events or  social painting can open up possibilities for fresh thinking.
  2. Add fun and excitement with contests.
    Whether it's outdoor team challenges like GPS scavenger hunt, creating TV commercials around a campfire (pictured at the top), orienteering, or an indoor game show challenge to review content presented at a conference or an educational event, the more you can get guests laughing and interacting, the higher their level of satisfaction will be with any event.
  3. Speaking of games, gamification can take many forms but it always adds a sense of fun.
    So think board games, app-powered games, and even ball games. Whether participants compete in an outdoor mini-soccer challenge or literally go the a "ball game" together (e.g. baseball, football, polo), games will boost the fun factor. Ignite Business Event Expo recently took some attendees to the Blue Jays opener in Toronto. Sporting challenges and events are under utilized so keep them in mind, particularly wheb there are a lot of male participants.

Photo Credit: Executive Oasis International

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