7 Multi-sensory Event Ideas From Incentiveworks 2014 (Photo Blog) #iwshow

IncentiveworksIncentiveworks has wrapped up for another year in Toronto. Once again, many imaginative ideas showcased that have practical applications for meetings, conferences and corporate events.

The number of ideas for incorporating multi-sensory  (especially tactile) elements into events was one aspect of the show that was particularly appealing.

1. Art Spaces

Art appeals to all the senses. When incorporated into meetings and events, the arts can keep attendees engaged, alert and energized.

From interactive paint lounge style easels to a violinist, painter, and musicians and dancers at the entrance, Incentiveworks displayed a number of ideas for incorporating the arts into meetings and corporate events.

ArtPaint LoungeMusic and Dance

2. Giant Snow Globes

Snow globes are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser and an added touch for fleshing out an event theme. Giant snow globes kick things up much more than a notch. This one was used by the City of Edmonton to bring a winter, Christmas or snow globe theme to life. Visitors were given hats, gloves, and scarves and a photographer snapped them in the heart of a winter wonderland.

Edmonton Snow GlobeNiagar Falls BoothMontreal Booth

3. Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Snow globes are just one way to bring the outdoors indoors. Exhibitors displayed stunning photo backdrops of tropical locations, created parks and city squares and used plants and trees with great impact. These ideas can be used to transform meeting space or platform areas.

4. Giant Brain Teasers & Puzzles

Brain teasers have long been proven to keep participants alive and alert during training and development programmes and conferences. These giant versions by The Puzzle Company in New Zealand breath new life into old favourites and they'll appeal to both Boomers and Millennials. Take your pick from crossword puzzles to trivia. Even Sudoku would work in this format.

Brain TeasersBrain TeasersBrain Teaser

Giant Board Games

Cvent Blog recently featured this hot trend and it was great to see it come to life on the trade show floor. There was giant chess and checker boards strategically placed in the aisles between exhibits. Even hopscotch can be transformed into a board game by using giant markers.

Giant CheckersHopscotch

6. Food and Beverage Ideas

From Cheesewerks, a venue specializing in fondue and gourmet dishes that showcase cheese, to creative containers for beverages, attendees picked up many ideas for enhancing food and beverage service including this new spin on a candy bar with a dessert drop that surprises guests with treats.

CheesewerksCoke in a PailDessert Drop

7. Brainstorming Ideas

Brainstorming walls are a refreshing alternative to traditional flip charts. A creative meeting space with eye popping colours, informal seating, and even pillows with thought provoking questions is an excellent space to foster brainstorming and the free flow of ideas.

Feedback and brainstormingIdea LoftBrainstorming pole

Bonus: Just For Fun

For a touch of fun, experiment. Here a bronco rider and Waldo put in an appearance. Finally, Sands Alive can fit in a container of any size and give participants lots of fun and tactile stimulation.

Bucking SteerWaldoSands Alive

For more ideas of strategies to appeal to the senses, also read  Sensory Stimulation: Natural Scents to Energize Attendees.

Photo Credits: Anne Thornley-Brown, Executive Oasis International

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