Event Planners - Consulting Partners or Order Takers

What is the role of event and meeting planners? Is it to translate a client's vision into reality? That's part of it but experienced event planners can add a lot more value.

Cost Savings

With a wide network of contacts, event planners can help clients save money on resorts, event venues and transportation. For example, by booking hotels near special event venues, it is possible to reduce costs and minimize the time  in traffic. Creative options such as using suites instead of individual rooms can improve a group's experience and save money.

Demonstrating Bottom Line Value

Calculating R.O.I. is essential in today's market as companies attempt to justify event spending. Even if the client isn't requesting this, attention to R.O.I. can help ensure that next year's budget doesn't get cut or eliminated.

Integrating Core Messages/ Reinforcing Branding

Every event is an opportunity to reinforce branding and corporate values and integrate core marketing messages. With a strategic focus, experienced planners can ensure that clients don't miss these opportunities.


Logistics will make or break any event.

I remember a client that had a committee of inexperienced employees work with a professional event planner to organize one of their corporate events. They just couldn't wrap their heads around that concept. All advice provided by the event planner, caterer and venue was disregarded.

Event planners can help companies save money, boost the effectiveness of business meetings and ensure that the strategic significance of corporate events is underscored. There is no point in investing in professional services and ignoring the advice that is essential to get full value.

What steps can planners take to ensure that they are true consulting partners and not "order takers?"

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