Event Planning Hiring Practices: Poor Etiquette Is a Two-Way Street

In LinkedIn discussions, there were high fives from event managers in response to "Event Planning Career Tips: Are Job Applicants Forgetting the Basics in the Internet Age?" The article also sparked spirited discussion among event-planning job seekers about poor etiquette by hiring managers.

Online applications are a concern. After entering volumes of information, applicants invariably encounter the dreaded virtual interview, consisting of 3- 5 unforgiving questions. If event planners lack experience in specific industry niches, the application process is abruptly terminated. (What has happened to "transferable skills?") Also, it would show more respect for people's time to use virtual interviews for pre-screening, before collecting a lot of personal data.

Employers are also screening out job candidates on the basis of Google searches, YouTube videos and Facebook comments. Applicants may never get a chance to tell their side of the story if a disgruntled client, co-worker or LinkedIn group member thrashes them in a blog.

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Other concerns include:

  • bumping scheduled interviews up to 3 times
  • keeping candidates waiting for hours
  • interviewers taking BlackBerry calls during interviews
  • failing to inform candidates of the outcome
  • the lack of response to follow-up calls and e-mails

Company representatives don't only "fall off the face of the earth" after requesting proposals. This rudeness extends to job applicants.

Brand-positioning is a total package. Event-planning firms that consistently treat job applicants poorly will take a hit in terms of brand equity and sow the seeds of their own talent retention challenges when the economy recovers.

In the Internet age, it seems that interviewers and hiring managers could also benefit from a refresher course in good manners.

If any of these scenarios ring true, please add YOUR comments.

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