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I wanted to write a "good news story." Unfortunately, after scanning the headlines, I realized that would be "looking at the world through rose tinted glasses."

Economic Recovery Still Not Good Enough

...summary released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows... job market is losing its steam.

Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, recently presented a less than optimistic briefing about the U.S. economy. The economy has a direct impact on prospects for event planners, hotels, meeting venues and the hospitality industry.

"The economic recovery appears to be proceeding at a moderate pace though somewhat more slowly than the committee had expected.

Committee expects that pace of economic recovery will pick up over coming quarters....pace of progress remains frustratingly slow.

Bernanke's 8-minute presentation at the beginning of this video is well worth watching.

Savvy event and meeting planners would be wise to monitor the Federal Reserve Board's YouTube Channel.

In Canada, the picture appears to be no brighter.

Earnings season to the rescue? Maybe not this time

....there have been 78 negative earnings per share pre-announcements versus only 32 positive pre-announcements.

Where is the good news? Event planners seeking employment, event planning firms and corporate event planning professionals may want to target Bay area high technology companies.

San Francisco area and the San Jose-Santa Clara area added a total of 4,700 jobs last month.

In Canada, the old-fashioned advice "head west young man" still applies:

Canadian job-seekers head west again – mostly to Alberta

"Workers are flocking back to Alberta after a recessionary lull, with the province’s hot jobs market luring people from every region of the country. Alberta tallied the fastest growth rate in Canada in the first quarter of the year...."

Think outside the box to uncover hidden opportunities and yield fruitful results for event planners desiring career growth.

Where America's Real Job Growth Is Happening: In Your House

"....while the traditional job market is expected to again show slow growth...businesses are continuing to hire more workers on a flexible, contract basis. Online employment middleman Elance, for example, is experiencing record growth: up more than 50% overall year-over-year.

Events: Executing big events is often an all-hands-on-deck effort. Event planning gigs jumped 28% in May...

Event planning and management job seekers may have to explore flexible work arrangements or think about relocating in the U.S. or overseas.

New Orleans Hospitality Industry Rises to Pre-Katrina Levels

Colorado gains 11,000 jobs in first five months of 2011

The economy isn't recovering quickly but there are pockets of growth. It will take some digging and a lot of persistence to find them. The picture for event planners, meeting planners, event planning firms, and event venues will likely be a lot brighter in the next 6 months.

Now that's good news.

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