Corporate Events: 5 Event Venues with Atriums

Soaring ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, skylights, and an abundance of plant life...these are some of the features that make atriums spectacular event venues that reflect the freshness of spring throughout the year.

The Atrium at Grange St. Paul Hotel (London, UK)

Encased in glass, sections of this stunning Atrium can be reserved for receptions and informal gatherings. 

David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center (New York)

Named after David M. Rubenstein who donated $10-million to the Lincoln Center towards its $1.2-billion, re-development fund. The venue is LEED Gold-certified green The 44-foot media room has ample space for branded messaging. The two 21-foot vertical plant walls bring nature into the heart of the 5,700-square-foot event space that accommodates 150 for dining and 250 for receptions.

The Atrium at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens (North Virginia)

This venue, which captures the very essence of spring, is scalable for groups of various sizes. The entire atrium accommodate s 200 guests. The Lilac Room has a capacity of 60 and 140 guests can dine in comfort in the Garden Room.

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Barbara Frum Atrium - CBC (Toronto)

Across from the CN Tower, the Barbara Frum Atrium at the CBC Production Facilities is one of Toronto's best kept secrets. This 10,000-square-foot, 10-story tall event space has a capacity of 750. Control rooms and full media support are available as the atrium is within the CBC Canadian Broadcasting Centre

The Atrium, Maison du Conseil des arts de Montreal (Montreal)

Reflecting the beaux-arts style of architecture, the Atrium is available for private events for up to 100 attendees for dining and 200 for receptions.

A Mezzanine overlooks the Atrium and there are rehearsal studios and changing rooms on-site.

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