6 Tips for Hosting Executive/Client Town Halls #cventcms #cventams

Reggie Aggarwal, CventWhen planning client meetings, it's important to keep your finger on the pulse and address the specific needs, questions and concerns of clients. As demonstrated effectively by Cvent during the recent Corporate Meeting Summit (#cventcms) and Association Meetings Summit (#cventams), a Town Hall is an effective format for uncovering and answering questions of concern to clients.

Attendees from both summits came together for a the Town Hall, a joint general session that wrapped up the meeting. Moderated by Bharet Malhotra, Senior Vice President of Sales, Cvent Supplier Network, at the Town Hall, clients received answers to their burning questions directly from 8 members of the senior management team.

Thinking of organizing your own town hall for clients? Here are some best practices:

  1. Crowdsource the content.
    For the #cventcms  #cventams Town Hall, attendees and other clients submitted questions through the app. Participants voted on the questions before and during the summits.
  2. Build the Town Hall Panel based on the members of the executive and senior management team who can address the selected questions.
    The Town Hall panel consisted of:
  • Reggie Aggarwal, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of Board of Directors
  • Chuck Ghoorah, Co-founder, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing
  • David Quattrone, Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer
  • Brian Ludwig, Senior Vice President of Sales
  • Ed Benack, Vice President, Customer Service
  • Pete Floros, Vice President of Product Management
  • Lisa Palmeri, Senior Director, Enterprise Professional Services
  • Jeannie Griffin, Director, Product Management
  1. The moderator should describe the format before the panelists join him or her on stage.
  2. Keep it informal.
    Even with a large audience, by using casual stage furniture and eye popping graphics in vibrant colors, it is still possible to create a relaxed tone.

Cvent Town Hall PanelCvent Town Hall Question

  1. Post each question and have the moderator read it slowly and clearly.
    In traditional Q&A panels, participants ask questions during the session. Even if there are runners with microphones, the questions often end up being difficult to hear.        
  2. ‚ÄčGive each panelist a microphone and have extra back-up mikes on hand to switch quickly in case of the inevitable technical glitches.(This is a practical consideration that is often forgotten.)

Cvent Executive Team

Cvent Town Hall Audience

For more insights shared by the Cvent executive team at Corporate Meeting Summit and Association Meetings Summit, also read Cvent Co-Founders Inspire Event Planners to Transform Meetings and Events with Passion.

Photo Credits: Executive Oasis International

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