Forecasting Hot Event Trends

Forecasting hot event trendsWhether it's finding a theme for a special event or creating a catering menu, generating new ideas is an event planner's stock in trade. How can event planners discover what's hot and new? Where does inspiration come from?

It's all around us. The key is to monitor and tap into emerging trends. This doesn't just mean event trends. Trends from a number of areas can give event planners ideas for themes, props, entertainment, venues, venue set-up, furniture, and menus. So check out magazines, web portals, trades shows, festivals, and Pinterest Boards.

  • Movies: Movies can inspire creative choices in decor, dining, and destinations.
  • Television: TV offers a window to trends in fashion, catering ideas (through cooking shows), decor through shows like Love it or List it and Property Brothers, and even new ways to use flowers and plants through gardening shows. Shows like House Hunter's International can introduce event planners to emerging destinations and hidden gems.
  • Color: Color ties a theme together and can give an event an updated look.  Monitor Pantone's bi-annual color reports but also check out
  • Architecture: Innovations in architecture can inspire new shapes, set design ideas, and approaches to layout. Architectural magazines and websites can give event planners a sneak peek at event venues in the development stages.
  • Food and Beverage: Research Group, National Restaurant Association (NRA) provides annual reports shining a spotlight on hot food and beverage trends.

  • Fashion: Fashion trends can provide ideas for how to dress event staff, color palettes, fabrics for decor, and themes. Monitor fashion trends through Women's Wear Weekly and, of course, fashion magazines. Attending or monitoring reports from fashion week in London, New York or Tokyo.
  • Art: Exploring museums and art galleries is one of the best ways to discover how to bring ideas to life. For example, event planners interested in Asian inspired events will uncover many ideas at exhibits like The Forbidden City: Inside the Court of China’s Emperors , previously in New York, currently in Toronto, and schedules for Vancouver.
  • Technology: Technology is transforming the event landscape, dramatically providing new ways of engaging and bringing content to audience. Gartner provides free and for purchase technology trend reports.
  • Dance: In addition to giving event planners ideas for entertainment , dance can also inspire costumes and energizers during meetings. Monitor dance trends though TV shows like So you Think You Can Dance which has introduced Bollywood-style dance extravaganza, capoeira, and dance hall-style reggae to new audiences.
  • Music: Song titles can inspire themes and what's popular, hot, or new provides ideas for entertainment. YouTube is filled with ideas Music award shows are an excellent way to monitor trends in music. Present music from other cultures to bring fresh entertainment that is brand new to the audience. For example, here a Swiss men's choir in Basel, Switzerland performs Jamaican Rastafarian chants and a Bob Marley song with Nyabinghi drumming.

Monitoring trends may be just be the spark of inspiration needed to add punch and pizzazz to your next event.

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