10 Tips for Selecting Event Venues in Foreign Destinations

Destination SignWhile event planners tend to provide support to clients for destinations where they have some experience, repeat clients will eventually request destinations beyond one's scope of specialization. Today, we'll delve into some practical aspects of selecting venues in foreign destinations with which you may not be familiar. 

  1. Advise your regular clients to begin their searches early. If they don't they are likely to be disappointed when their preferred dates and venues are sold out.
  2. Develop a short list of destinations and what your client requires in a venue.
  3. Consult TripAdvisor to obtain the perspective of recent guests for the properties that you are considering. Clients definitely will consult TripAdvisor so discuss any negative reviews with the venue and be prepared to address them with the client. 
  4. Consult the destination guides on Cvent and the many foreign destination profiles on the Cvent Blog to uncover in-depth information about the destination.
  5. Use the Cvent Supplier Network to conduct thorough venue searches. 
  6. Create a grid to capture and compare what the various venues have to offer.
  7. Be sure to capture important issues that may differ from your domestic market:
    • total travel time to the destination
    • travel time from the airport to the venue
    • length of the beach
    • on- and off-site activities available
    • liquor laws
    • concessions
    • attrition
    • payment terms
  8. If your client does not have the budget for a site inspection, enlist the services of the local Tourist Board or convention bureau. Alternatively, determine what it would cost to team up with a planner who knows the destination or get a local event planner to conduct the site inspections on your behalf.
  9. Be sure to determine the cost if guests want to arrive before the group block, extend their stay or upgrade to bring family members.
  10. Find out about foreign language support.

Photo Credit: Executive Oasis International


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