Meetings 411: Event Planning Tips for Generation Z - Part 2

Generation X Group ExerciseI recently discussed the implications of what we already know about Generation Z for designing meetings and event planners. Here 5 specific tips for designing meetings and events that are effective and engaging for Generation Z participants.

Build on Their Strengths

  1. Design collaborative, project-based, interactive learning, especially those that provide the opportunity to use technology and social media.

    Generation Z classrooms emphasize mainstreaming, collaboration, and win-win outcomes. (Everyone gets a trophy for participating.) Here is an example of an approach that works:

  1. Use general sessions to provide executive summaries of breakouts where deeper dives that are "hands-on," focusing on "real-time" challenges and opportunities can be explored.

    With shorter attention spans when in passive listening mode and the ability to filter a high volume of information, this approach will help participants determine what's most relevant and how they want to allocate their time.
  2. Leverage online and computer-based learning components.

    A report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, summarizing 2 national studies, highlighted the fact that, outside of use for school and homework
    • 25.2% of teens reported using computers for 3 or more hours daily
    • 34.7% of teens reported watching TV for 3 or more hours daily
  3. Embrace gamification to attract Generation Z male attendees.
    • 51% of teen males and 66% of 6-11 year olds reported that gaming is their main entertainment

      The good news is that you won't lose other participants. An Internet Advertising Bureau study revealed that, in the UK, female gamers are outplaying their male peers and gaming has soared in the 45+ age group.
  4. Incorporate CSR initiatives.

    The opportunity to give back in a meaningful way is an important Generation Z value.
    • The U.S. Department of Labor reported that 26% of 16 - 19 year olds volunteer
    • Unilever's groundbreaking Project Sunlight study reported that Generation Z respondents in 4 countries had a high level of concern about social issues:
      - hunger (78%)
      - children dying from preventable diseases (77%)
      - human impact on the planet (76%) 

Other Resources:

For more insights into the needs of Generation Z and implications for event and meeting planners, also consult The Future of the Meeting Space: Meet Generation Z on the Cvent Event Blog.

Photo Credit: COD Newsroom

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