Giant Board Games Boost Board Game Appeal for Millennials

Monopoly in the Park

Board games have provided groups and families with hours of entertainment for longer than most of us realize. Long before commercial board games like Monopoly were licensed by Parker Brothers, checkers, chess, Parcheesi, Chinese checkers, and backgammon dated back to ancient civilizations. While some say that Confucius invented the Chinese game Mahjong, it is likely that it emerged around the 1880s. In Africa, Wari dates back to the 6th century AD but the games is also found in South America (mancala) and South East Asia (Congkak). While the oldest known version of dominoes is from the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368) in China, it's really popular in the Caribbean and South America.

One way to breath new life into board games and appeal to groups with a younger demographic is to amp things up...literally with giant interactive versions of popular games. They will also appeal to family-friendly events.

In life-sized board games, players either use giant game boards or people actually replace the board game markers.

Benefits of Giant Board Games

Giant board games add the dimensions of action learning and physical activity to what is already a highly tactile medium. They are a great way of delivering content in a way that is engaging and interactive. Transform technical or complex material from dry to dynamic. Rather than sitting passively and listening to presentations, participants get involved and this level of activity stimulates the brain.

8 Ways to Use Giant Board Games for Corporate Events

Giant board games can be used:

  • as a session starter or warm-up
  • as an icebreaker at social events
  • to replace presentation content
  • as a breakout group exercise
  • as an energizer during notoriously low energy times of the day
  • as an alternative for kinesthetic learners on a learning smorgasbord
  • for review and re-cap exercises
  • just for fun

Examples of Giant Board Games

Here are a couple of ideas to inspire you:


Licensed by Parker Brothers in 1935, Monopoly, the world famous real estate game set in Atlantic City, New Jersey, dates back to 1933. Bally's in Atlantic City created this life-sized version of the game:

Table Soccer/Foosball

Guaranteed to be a hit with men who grew up playing foosball or table hockey, this giant version of foosball is great exercise and a ton of laughs.

La Partita a Scacchi di Marostica, Living Chess in Italy, profiled this week on the Cvent Event Blog, is another example of a giant board game.

For more tips on using games with groups, also read, How to Learn About Wall Street While Having Fun, Gamification: 12 Ways to Use Games for Meetings and Corporate Events and Gamification: 9 Tips for Using Games in Meetings (From the School of Hard Knocks).

Photo Credit: Anne Fox

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