10 Reminders for Hassle Free Foreign Meetings

Hassle FreeWhen planning meetings at foreign destinations, it's important to ensure that guests experience minimal hassles after their long flights. Careful attention should be given to easing the transition after landing as well as when checking in and settling into the hotel.

These 10 steps will help event and meeting planners design hassle-free foreign meetings.

  1. Clarify the client's expectations with respect to meeting packages and meal plans.
    Some meal plans include beverages with meals only. Others include meals but not snacks. It is important to ensure that the client does not expect one thing and end up disappointed.
  2. Anticipate special needs. Come to agreement about how they will be accommodated and ensure that this is included in the contract.
    Get clear answers to the following questions. What will happen if:
    • a guest is in final stages of pregnancy and can't travel?
      - Will they get a credit to be used later or can the room be dropped?
    • a guest is in an accident or becomes ill a few days before their expected arrival?
      - Can the ability to drop 1 room at the last minute be built into the attrition clause to cover a last minute cancelation for medical reasons?
      - Does the hotel have accessible rooms and showers?
  3. Clarify what facilities are available onsite if a guest become ill or has an accident on-site.
  4. Collect emergency contact information for all guests.
    The middle of an emergency is too late to be scrambling to collect this information
  5. Provide clear instructions about what documents are needed for immigration, customs and hotel check-in.
  6. Negotiate pricing with DMCs that covers all transfers even if some guests decide to extend their stay to arrive before or stay after the rest of the group.
  7. Arrange for baggage transfer upon check-in and remind guests to tag all luggage.
    Some guests will forget so be sure that extra baggage tags are on hand.
  8. An arrival lunch or tea and orientation eases the transition and occupies guests until rooms are ready.
  9. If flight departures are early on the last day, provide a boxed breakfast or lunch as appropriate.
  10. If groups will be departing for the airport after the lunch period, be sure that arrangements are made to provide lunch at the resort before check-out.
    Options include:
    • a group lunch
    • a room credit to cover lunch
    • an extension of the meal plan

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