Best Places to see the Ice Castles of America

Ice CastleWhat started in American artist Brent Christensen's backyard in 2008 to entertain his children has grown into an annual event at various locations around America. These showcased ice castles of America are stunning complexes fashioned one icicle at at time. 

It takes 20,000,000 pounds of ice to meticulously shape by hand these elaborate ice and snow structures complete with towers, tunnels, mazes, archways, and caverns. Whether you view them by day or by night when they are illuminated for an electrifying effect, the experience will take your breath away.

In the past, Ice Castles have been created at Midway’s Zermatt Resort in Utah, Steamboat Springs and Silverthorne in Colorado, and Mall of America in Minnesota. Private events can be scheduled during outside of the regular opening hours (usually  2 to 10 PM on Monday to Friday and noon to 10 PM on the weekend). There are 3 locations for the 2014 winter season:

Lincoln, New Hampshire

Lincoln is a popular area for skiing, snowmobiling and dogsledding. The Loon Mountain Ice Castle,  the first in New England, has been constructed completely out of ice.

Breckenridge, Colorado

In Breckenridge, an area that is popular with skiers, guests can also enjoy sleigh rides, Snowcat winter ziplining, and Gold mine tours. The Ice Castle is the tallest this season, soaring to 9,600 feet.

Midway, Utah

In Midway, where the first large ice castle was created,  cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling are great ways for groups to spend their time during the winter. The ice castle is near the Park City ski slopes. The Midway ice castle closes at 9 PM on weekdays. 

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Photo Credit: Ice Castles

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