Spring Swag for Corporate Events

Flight 001 Wet Suit BagAs event planners put the final touches on spring events, it's important to make sure that all aspects of events are as fresh, light, and refreshing as spring. Final impressions are lasting impressions so swag and take-aways with spring touches are an ideal opportunity to reinforce event experiences.

Selecting practical swag in spring colours and adding a logo and the event theme can help achieve all of these objectives.

Whether you just need one take-away or enough items to fill a swag bag, today we bring you gifts and give-aways at various price points.


FLIGHT 001 Wet Suit

Sooner or later, it happens to everyone. It's hard to resist just one last dip before heading to the airport. Attendees will be delighted to receive this wet suit bag. Never again will they have to spend time figuring out what to do with a wet bathing suit. It's available in pink and blue.


Metro Boombox

Metro Boombox

Plug in a phone, tablet, laptop, and just about any device and transform it into a boombox.

It's light, portable and it will stick to just about any surface.




What's more practical than a fan in spring colours that plugs into a USB drive.

Attendees will thank you when they plug in this take-away as temperatures soar over the coming months.

Pink Mason Jar

The mason jar is back but with a twist, that's perfect for spring. There's plenty of space for ice and a cool beverage and it eliminates any worry about spillage.

Serve a spring mocktail and let guests know that they are welcome to take the jar home.

It also comes in neon blue, blue, red, and lime.


Pink Mason JarChocolate Bunny Stress Ball


Chocolate Bunny Stress Ball

Stress Balls are an old favourite but there is no need to fall into a rut and make them boring. Seasonal stress balls are the way to go and what says spring more than a chocolate bunny stress ball. No it's not edible.


Mental BlockMental Block Playable Art Cube

Spring is the perfect time to think outside the box and come up with ideas that are fresh and new. Mental block is a puzzle consisting of inter-connected pieces that can be assembles as a box.

Then, break out of the box by forming new shapes and configurations. It's the perfect way to get the creative juices flowing before brainstorming sessions or whenever there is a need to overcome a mental block.


Smartphone Projector

With this smartphone projector, you'll never have to squint to view YouTube videos, movies or images. When a smartphone is popped into this projector, the images or video footage can be projected on any wall.

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Photo Credits: OrangefishPromotional Products Canada, plumgiftco.com, uncommon goods

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