4 Food and Beverage Take-aways From Ignite Business Expo

Be-StroFood and beverage choices are core elements that can make meetings and corporate events sparkle. Ignite Business Expo organizers made some smart choices that will also enhance your events.

  1. Include food and beverage in your package. At Ignite Business Expo, participants were provided with lunch tickets that could be used at one of 3 outlets on the trade show floor.

    Lunch is usually included for meetings and some conferences. By also including it for trade shows, attendees will have few reasons to leave the trade show floor. Including lunch does not have to be expensive. By making smart choices, it requires only a slight increase in the ticket price. Event planners can also obtain a food and beverage sponsor to offset all or part of the cost.
  2. Move beyond standard fare and offer a range of menu options. At Ignite Business Expo, there was a lot of variety in the menu:
    • Opening Reception: Beautifully presented dishes were attractively arranged at food stations including The Reef Station, Protein Hill Station and Sundae Bar Station
    • Spark CafeTrade Show Floor: Hosted buyer's could use the lunch tickets that they were given at:

      - Spark Cafe, for casual dining examples: Smoked
         Turkey with Melted Swiss Cheese on Panini with
         Cranberry Mayonnaise, Tiramisu Cup
      - Be-Stro, for formal dining examples: Pan Seared Cornish
        Hen with Marble, Pancetta Succotash Homemade Creme
        Brulee Drizzled with Grand Marnier Topped with Almond
      -  Grab and Go, sandwiches, wraps and beverages for
         attendees and exhibitors on the run
  3. Ensure that the vegetarian menu is not just an afterthought. Ignite Business Expo rated high on that score with a well-composed and beautifully presented vegetarian menu.

    • Field of Greens StationOpening Reception:
      Field of Greens Station offered 2 vegetarian dishes:
      - Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with Cherry Tomatoes, English
        Cucumbers, and Red Onions in a light Vinaigrette
      - Sun-dried Tomatoes in a light Vinaigrette with crumbled feta
         on the side
      Protein Hill Station: Curry Vegetable and Tofu Vol-au-Vent
    • Be-Stro: Creamy Wild Mushroom Sugo in a Flaky Vol au Vent Box topped with Ravigote Sauce
      Fresh Summer Berries with Chantilly Cream
    • Spark Cafe: Grilled Ontario Green Belt Vegetables wit Crumbled Feta on Panini with Baba Ghanoush
      Assorted Fruit Danishes
  4. Be sure to cater to allergies and food sensitivities when planning your menu. Restricting common allergens and using them only in add-ons and sauces is an easy way to achieve this. For example, for attendees with allergies, the Smoked Turkey on Panini at the Spark Cafe could be be served without the cheese or mayonnaise (contains eggs).

If participants are satisfied with food and beverage options, this will make the work of keynote speaker, facilitators and breakout session leaders a lot easier. When attendees are dissatisfied with the menu or service, it can be hard to please them through other aspects of the event. These food and beverage take-aways from Ignite Business Expo can go a long way in ensuring the success of your events an meetings.

For more tips to make your meetings and events sparkle, also consult Sizzling Start for Ignite Business Expo and Ignite Business Expo Raises the Bar with Inspiring Decor.

Photo Credits: Executive Oasis International

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