IMEX America: A World of Engaging Exhibits #IMEX13

Emirates Airways Booth, IMEX AmericaAt trade shows and corporate events, it is equally important to stand out from the crowd, grab and retain participant attention and create a memorable and engaging experience. A number of booths at IMEX America 2013 did this very effectively. Today, we'll take a look at some of their attendee engagement strategies that can also be used to boost participant engagement at your events.

United Arab Emirates

Emirates Airways

Dubai-based Emirates Airways did an excellent job of giving visitors of the booth an opportunity to experience their brand. A vivid 3-D globe displayed the route map. A full-size mock-up of a First Class Suite gave booth visitors a chance to see, touch and feel a First Class Experience. The booth captured attention, sparked interest quickly answered the questions "Where does Emirates Airways fly?"and  "What amenities can passengers expect?"

During meetings and corporate events, 3-D replicas can make it easier for speakers and meeting facilitators to convey content.

Emirates Airways Route MapEmirates First Class Suite


Once again, Switzerland displayed very creative approaches to provide an understanding of the destination. To give visitors a sense of Switzerland, a "guided tour" took small groups of visitors around the booth. At each stop, there was a brief description of the area of Switzerland which the booth partners represented. A short board game re-capped what visitors had just discovered. This approach to delivering content is much more interactive than your typical presentation. Many meetings  and conferences could benefit from a similar hands-on approach.

Guided Tour, Switzerland Booth, IMEX AmericaSwitzerland Board Game

Switzerland hosted the Eventprofs Tweet-up and took the group through this exercise. The booth also provided maps with writing and Braille that gave a real sense of the destination's topography. Samples of Swiss cheeses and Ricola, and Lindt chocolates were provided. During the Euro party, guests could get their photos taken with Alpine horn and flugelhorn players in traditional dress.

Swiss Guided TourSwiss Both


Jamaica, IMEX America 2013Jamaica used a colorful backdrop of the iconic Dunn's River Falls and Jamaica Tourist Board commercials featuring Usain Bolt at various points of interest around the island. Each table had a wooden map of Jamaica. A taste of Jamaica was given through samples of traditional grater (coconut) cake and world-famous Blue Mountain coffee.

Vivid images enhance learning and retention of information during meetings, team building and conferences. Both Switzerland and Jamaica demonstrated the importance of taste during meetings.  


Colombia also incorporated stunning visuals into its booth and gave visitors a taste of Colombian coffee.

South Korea

South Korea's booth was a multi-sensory experience through which visitors could sample Korean tea and participate in traditional crafts like fan making.

Fan Making, South KoreaSouth Korea, tea



Gateway Canyons ColoradoFinally, the most vivid North American booth was Gateway Canyons in Colorado. It displayed a full-sized ATV with terrain that is typical of the canyons, quickly conveying to anyone who passed the rugged wilderness adventures this area has to offer.

Check back for more highlights from IMEX America 2013.

Photo Credits: Executive Oasis International

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