IMEX America 2012: Attention Grabbing Exhibitors


Ensuring that a trade show booth stands out on the trade show floor can be challenging but there are many ways to grab attention. This pictorial demonstrates the strategies that some of the exhibitors at IMEX America 2012 used to rise above the crowd and grab the attention of buyers and other attendees.

What makes a trade show booth stand out?

1. Give a flavor of the destination.

  • Jamaica

Jamaica used a bold color palette and large panels with scenery from various parts of the island.

  • Boston

Vegetation and huge panels  providing views of city streets in Boston captured the essence of the destination.



2. Use vibrant colors

  • Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico used a vivid and eye-catching color palette. The cobblestone streets incorporated into the design gave the feel of walking into an open air cafe in Puerto Rico.

3. Use a bold design with a local flavor.

  • British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands also used a vibrant color palette and the designed convened the feeling of a house in the British Virgin Islands.

British Virgin Island Booth

4. Add a sense of fun and excitement

  • Switzerland

Word quickly spread that the James Bond-style model was back this year as Leo the Swiss cow herder. There was a lot of excitement as ladies lined up to have their photos taken with him. A background in the Swiss Alps replaced the green screen in each photo. Some of the men from the booth, scooped him up and got in on the fun. There were traditional Swiss games to add to the fun.

Switzerland FunSwitzerland Fun

  • The Netherlands

The "Add Some Orange" theme was fleshed out as Mr. Holland pretended to splash paint on visitors to the booth. There was active participation in the tweet-up and more photo opportunities.

The Netherlands

5. Ensure that your participation in the trade show is visible online and in the media

Before the show, if you Googled "IMEX America" 4 exhibitors were on the first two pages of the SERPS.This visibility needs to continue during and after the show.

  • Official Holland website
    Appearing on page 1 in Google, Holland built anticipation for its booth through its active social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Social media engagement has continued throughout IMEX America.

The following exhibitors showed up on page 2 in Google.

  • London and Partners
  • Visit England
  • Tourism Australia

Exhibitors who took the time to hold press conferences and leave press releases at the Press Centre increased their visibility for higher media exposure.

Photo Credits: Executive Oasis International

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