10 Hottest IMEX Frankfurt 2013 Trade Show Booths

Malaysia Booth Imex Frankfurt 2013IMEX is a great place to pick up new ideas to grab the attention of participants at your own events. My picks for the hottest and most inspiring trade show booths at IMEX Frankfurt? This year I'm taking a different approach by showcasing picks for the most inspiring booths from each region.

What makes a booth or an event hot? It's the total package. The decor, fun and excitement are key but it's the unexpected, the element of surprise that make attendees sit up and take notice. With a touch of creativity, it's possible to do this with events and exhibits at all budget levels.

My Top Pick: Malaysia

Based on this criteria, my clear pick for the hottest IMEX Frankfurt 2013 booth is Malaysia.

Malaysia created a splash highly visible with its large banners that lined the corridors where attendees entered Messe Frankfurt. From an eye-popping design that incorporates a replica of the Petronas KLCC Twin Towers to the tea, Chinese calligraphy and bead-making demonstrations and an opportunity to barter with play money for treasures at the hawker stalls, the booth captures the essence of Brand Malaysia. Tourism Malaysia has a multi-lingual presence on Twitter and Facebook.


Malaysia IMEX Frankfurt 2013Malaysia IMEX Frankfurt 2013Hawker StallMalaysia Bannes


Middle East & North Africa: Egypt

With a design that is reminiscent of ancient Egyptian architecture, displays of silver jewelry and papyrus and vivid, over-sized photos of the most beautiful areas of the country, the exhibit really grabs and holds your attention.

Egpyt IMEX Frankfurt 2013Egypt Booth IMEX Frankfurt 2013


Switzerland IMEX Frankfurt 2013 BoothEurope: Switzerland and Holland

The Swiss booth is my top pick for Europe. It featured a bold, bright red design with white accents, a palette inspired by Switzerland's flag,  also continued to be reflected in the jerseys that presented booth staff as an integrated team. The booth featured Cafe Suisse that served up espresso, latte macchiato and coffee lungo by Nespresso; and delicious Chocolat Frey Swiss chocolate. Refreshments included scrumptious Swiss desserts. On social media, Switzerland leveraged its strong brand presence on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+ to get the word out about booth activities. It kicked things up a notch by engaging actively engaging with followers and tweeting and sharing content of value to event planners and hospitality

Holland was back with the beautiful booth with which they set the bar last last year. They continued to have an exceptional presence with non-stop crowd appeal and strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Holland will be again hosting this afternoon's IMEX tweet-up.

Caribbean: Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic showcased the destination in hues of blue and white with yellow, red and green accents. 

Dominican RepublicJapan

Asia: Japan

Japan showcased its hospitality at an airy, open concept booth with comfortable chairs and banquettes. Sushi and sake were showcased at the Happy Hour on the first day and Japanese crafts were used as souvenir gifts by exhibitors.

Latin America: Costa Rica and Colombia

There were some really excellent booths from Latin America including Colombia with a 2-level design and Brazil. Costa Rica's vivid design and prominent location immediately to the left of the entrance gave guests feel the feel of stepping into a rainforest.


Costa Rica IMEX Frankfurt 2013 BoothColombia IMEX Frankfurt 2013 Booth


North America: Texas

Texas created a homey feel with plush black couches and chairs and light wood accents. The landscape of Texas was reflected in the the large photos and vegetation. The website was prominently displayed from all angles. 



Africa: Tanzania

With an aesthetically pleasing color palette drawn from Tanzania's flag, images that capture some of the country's landscape and adventures Tanzania offers and the beautiful national dress of the hostesses, this booth inspires and proves that small booths and small events can be powerful.

IMEX is a great place to pick up new ideas to grab the attention of participants at your own events. If you're at IMEX, there's still time to catch my picks for the hottest and most inspiring trade show booths from IMEX Frankfurt 2013.

Photo Credits: Luxury Corporate Events, Executive Oasis International


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