Incentive Destinations: 6 Historical Sites with Pirate Legends

Calico JackWith the popularity of movies like the Pirates of the Caribbean series, there is growing interest in pirate-themed corporate events and destinations all over the world.

Pembrokeshire County, Wales

Wales the birthplace of the well-known privateer Captain Henry Morgan (who eventually became the Governor of Jamaica). In Little Newcastle on the village green, a monument honors Black Bart (inspiration for fictional character Captain Jack Sparrow) who was born there. The pirate Howell Davis was from Milford Haven and  Caldey Island was once a haven for American pirate John Paul Jones.

Every year, the Conwy Pirates Festival in May recalls the area's pirate tradition.

Anomabo, Ghana

Anomabo (historically Annamaboa, sometimes spelled Anomabu) was the capital of Gold Coast, Ghana's name under British rule. At Anomabo in 1719,  Black Bart was captured when he was second mate on a slaver called The Princess and compelled to join the crew of Howell Davis, launching the career of history's most successful pirate. He went on to capture about 470 ships and establish The Pirate Code.

The remains of Fort William (originally called Annamaboe Fort), the center of the Transatlantic slave trade in Gold Coast built in 1753 can still be seen. It replaced Fort Charles that was standing when Black Bart was in the area.

Port Royal, Jamaica

Off the shore of this sleepy fishing village lies the underwater city of Port Royal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site once known as "the richest and wickedest city in the world."  Captain Henry Morgan and the pirate Calico Jack (pictured above) were based there. The shipwreck of Black Bart's ship the Ranger was found off the coast of Port Royal. Until 1687 when anti-piracy laws were passed by Sir Henry Morgan, Port Royal was one of the most popular pirate havens and stopovers.

On June 7, 1692 at 11:43 AM, during a severe earthquake, 2/3 of Port Royal was plunged into the sea. Fort Charles has survived since this era.

Extensive archeological excavations between 1981 and 1990 produced detailed renderings of historical Port Royal  and uncovered many artifacts that are now on display at the Museums of History and Ethnography, Institute of Jamaica in Kingston.

Bridgetown, Barbados

Pirates who made a mark on the history of the island included Sam Hall Lord and Stede Bonnet who was born in Barbados. Today, visitors can board the Jolly Roger, a pirate-themed party boat for a cruise and dinner. At Arlington House Museum, the Wharf Memories presentation features a talking pirate who describe the history of the area from the point of view of Captain Stede Bonnet.

Nassau, The Bahamas

The pirate Blackbeard made the then uninhabited New Providence Island in The Bahamas his headquarters. At The Pirates Museum of Nassau visitors can view artifacts and experience interactive exhibits including replicas of a dockside with a tavern and the lower and upper decks of a pirate ship.

Cape Coast, Ghana

At Cape Coast Castle, originally built as a fort during the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the largest pirate trial in history took place in 1722 after Black Bart was killed in battle and his crews from the Royal Fortune and the Little Ranger were captured. Cape Coast Castle is now a museum.

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Photo Credit: Rangerrick

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