9 Strategies to Encourage Early Event Registration

ChequeThe Cvent Event Blog has previously highlighted some of the reasons why early meeting and corporate registrations are important and suggested that it's time to re-think early booking incentives. Yet, many organizations continue to have a problem with last-minute registrations and bookings for corporate meetings and public workshops.

In addition to the strategies suggested previously, here are some other considerations and tips for encouraging early registrations.

First determine who will be paying the registration fee for the meeting, workshop, or corporate event. Totally different strategies are needed if individual attendees v. organizations picking up the tab.

Identify the crucial milestones when payment is important and stagger your strategies to fit them. Key milestones include:

  • final date for releasing the meeting venue
  • date by which travel arrangements must be made for speakers and facilitators
  • deadline for confirming the rooming list

Registration Paid for by Organizations

If a company or other organization will be paying the registration, consider the following strategies:

  1. Early bird booking specials - set it for one week prior to the deadline for releasing the meeting venue
  2. Discount for multiple attendees from the same organization - set if for a few days prior to the date on which the room block needs to be confirmed
  3. Throw in complimentary airport transfers

Registration Paid for by Attendees

If individual attendees are paying or if action is required by individual attendees in order to expedite the decision making process, it is very important to have some early bird incentives that offer tangible benefits for attendees.

  1. Offer complimentary upgrades to next room category
  2. Offer an in-room snack upon arrival
  3. Give early registrants swag bags
  4. Pass for discounts for to popular local attractions
  5. Organize an exclusive networking event for attendees who book early
  6. Offer a special welcome reception for attendees who book early with the facilitator or celebrity speaker

For more tips to encourage early registrations, also consult Early Bird Holds Less Sway with Conference Audiences,  Attendee Management Tip: Increase Registration with Early Bird Discounts and 4 Attendance-Boosting Tactics for Non-Early Bird Registrants.

Photo Credit: David Goehring

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