Corporate Event Venues: Indoor Beaches

After two really hot summery days last week Wednesday and Thursday, it had cooled down drastically in Toronto where I live. This got me thinking about the creative options that will be needed to add a special touch to corporate events in the cooler months. I immediately thought of indoor beaches.

Japan's Seagaia Ocean Dome was one of the first. While it is now open only on special occasions, fortunately, there are indoor beaches in many parts of the world where the thermometer takes a dip for several months every year. These venues are perfect for year round beach and tropical events. Here are just a few examples:

Tropical IslandsTropical Islands, Germany

Krausnick, GERMANY: Tropical Islands: Located within a dome, this indoor playground is dubbed "Europe's largest tropical holiday world." What makes this venue truly unique is that overnight accommodation ranging from indoor lodges, campsites and tents on the beach to hotel rooms are now available. What a pleasing retreat on a cool fall or frosty winter day.

Indianapolis, Indiana: Caribbean Cove Hotel & Conference Center is an indoor tropical waterpark; and with 344 guest rooms, and 16,000 square feet of function space (including a 5,063-square-foot ballroom), event planners in the Midwest don't have to travel far to create tropical-themed corporate events and conferences.

Weather or geography never has to be a barrier to creating themed events. to learn more, read Ambiance: 6 Ways to Ensure a Magical Experience and 5 Futuristic Event Venues Around the World.

Photo Credits: Birkenzweig, Adam Piotrowski, astrobri

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