Corporate Event and Meeting Venues: 9 Indoor Rainforests

California Academy of SciencesAs some destinations head into winter, a tropical touch is the perfect way for event planners to add that wow factor. Indoor rainforests are a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Join us for a quick tour of the world's best indoor rainforests.

California Academy of Sciences

This 4-story indoor rainforest is in a complex with 100,000 square feet of meeting, function, banquet and exhibition space. There are 12 stunning event venues.

Dallas World Aquarium

The rainforest exhibit has lush vegetation, exotic birds and endangered species from the Amazon and Borneo. The Tribal Gallery, surrounded by acrylic floor-to ceiling viewing panels with views of the rainforest, accommodates 300 for receptions and 250 for dining. The adjoining Orinoco Room has space for 50 diners or 100 reception guests.

The Living Rainforest Berkshire (UK)

Event space at this venue with 700 plant, bird and animal species includes glasshouses and an open-plan conference/exhibition space.

Rainforest Biome at Eden Project Cornwall (UK)

One of the world's largest indoor rainforests, Biome has a jungle canopy lookout, mangrove swamps and mini-plantations. Biome can accommodate 400 for receptions and 50 for weddings. 

Tropical Islands (Germany)

Tropical Islands, also featured in Indoor Beaches, has a huge indoor rainforest with over 50,000 plants and 600 animal species. 

Le Biodome de Montreal

A tropical rainforest with vegetation and animals is one of 5 ecosystems at this unique venue. Packages give groups to access the Biodome and Montreal Botanical Gardens across the street where event space is available.

Masoala Rainforest at Zoo Zurich (Zurich)

Masoala Rainforest, a tropical oasis with 17,000 plants, trees and animals, has banquet and reception facilities on-site.

Rainforest Cafe (Las Vegas and 12 U.S. states, Toronto, Paris, London, Tokyo, Dubai)

These restaurants with a simulated rainforest ambiance add the fun factor for group dining. 

Coming Soon

Paradise Earth (Rainforest in the Desert)

This 165,000-square-foot indoor rainforest, planned for the Arizona desert, will have a 10,000-square-foot conference center for meetings, workshops and conferences.

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Photo Credit: Nate Kharrl


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